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punkybrewster Posts: 290
Hi ladies Me again with another MB10 related question- if I am due on the 4th of February- what is the latest date I can start maternity leave? Is it exactly 2 weeks before this or did I read here somewhere that it is not including weekends or something so it can be ten days before due date?? Ongoing confusion.....many thanks in advace :-8
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
Hi punky I think the lastest date you can start your leave is Monday 23rd January, so you could finish up work on Friday 20th. I am open to correction.
pag Posts: 633
At least two weeks have to be taken before the end of the week of your baby's expected birth and at least 4 weeks after. If you are due 4th feb this is a Sat and end of week (afaik for social welfare). Therefore you must have last work day on 20th Jan and start ML on 24rd Jan. I'd probably give maternity benefit section a quick ring just to confirm - it may depend on your job as well. Locall:1890 690 690
punkybrewster Posts: 290
Thanks a million girls for your help. I better hurry my ass up and get this form submitted!