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Anonymous Posts: 24542
I'll just be getting the state leave + paid holidays. My employer does pay a top up but I wasn't there long enough having pretty much gotten preggers as soon as I started with them. I'm taking 63wks (leave+unpaid+hols+ parental leave) so will be completely broke by the time I head back :o0
mrscat Posts: 1082
I'm the same, thankfully I get my full salary from my employer for 26 weeks, also my paid hols for 2008 can be carried over (more than 4 weeks) and bank hols/company days. I'm going to take the full 16 week unpaid too. :o)ll
Bear Posts: 671
I have signed over my social welfare to the dept of ed. and they top it up and pay me my normal wages for 26 weeks plus 6 weeks hols, then another week of hols that falls in the last 6 weeks so 33 weeks in total of full pay.
mariac Posts: 982
i work for a private company - 8 employees - because i have been there for 4 years my boss is giving me a top up each week - which will bring me up to near my take home pay anyway - didnt expect this for a minute and i am really grateful - most small private companies do not make any payments towards maternity leave as i understand it - for me it was a bonus which i did not expect.
Delish Posts: 4176
Hi I'm not getting topped up, it's disheartening reading that everyone else is but unfortunately small companies generally cannot afford to top you up and pay for a replacement. Anyway there is nothing I can do about it and it is rare that small companies in my line of work top up mat leave, as far as I can make out it is usualy large companies and state run bodies that top up their employees. With all of that being said when you reclaim your tax credits etc it is not as bad as it seems originally. So I am getting 280 a week, will reclaim my tax, and will get all holidays and bank holidays fully paid before I return to work.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I will receive the SW payment, and my employer pays a top up that will bring me up to about 75% of my normal wages. It's a large multi-national company, and the cheap feckers aren't even bringing a replacement in when I'm gone, they'll just divide my work among 3 colleagues, and give them nothing extra either >:o( I can't carry 2008 holidays over, so I've 3 weeks to take before my mat leave. So I will have: 3 weeks paid hols 26 weeks @ 75% pay 16 weeks unpaid :o( 3 weeks paid hols (from 2009 allowance) A total of 48 weeks leave :o0
jarashow Posts: 3083
I see a lot of you are taking the 16 weeks unpaid, I would really love to but I am not sure we could afford to... are you all managing with one salary or do you have some savings already planned for this?
silíní Posts: 4219
Jarashow, i'm planning to put away a certain amount from each paycheck during my paid leave to do me during my unpaid.... I'm guessing as i'll be tied to the baby 24/7 i won't be spending much!!!! Otherwise, hubby will have to cover me. It will be tight but i'm hoping we can manage...
jarashow Posts: 3083
That's what I am hoping to do too, hopefully we will have enough saved to manage 2 months anyways, better than nothing :o0
mrscat Posts: 1082
I'm doing the same silini, putting away a large chunk each month during the paid maternity leave and using savings as a back up. Also switching tax credits to my husband will help.