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jarashow Posts: 3083
Can you swtich tax cerdits mid tax year or do you have to wait until the year is up and then claim back?
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
I work for a big company who has offices all over the world. They don't pay Irish works as they are not obliged to by law, but they pay every other female work throught the world. I'm extremely pissed off about this as I'm the sole earner in my household, and surviving on 280 a week is not going to be enough. I decided this morning after a lenghty discussion with my DH that I can now only afford to take a month off for maternity leave (even though I'm breast feeding) other wise we will end up on the bread line (and that is no exageration, beleive me). I personlly think that the law has to be readdressed here in regards to Maternity Leave as there is a lot more husbands who stay home now a days (thanks to the drop in construction work, in my case anyway), maybe I'm wrong but surely this needs to be looked at. There is at least 4 men in my estate that stay home while the wife goes out to work.....
papillon Posts: 1305
Well I'm in a different boat altogether but slightly similar to above. I'm an employer and the higher earner. If I get pregnant I will be able to take 6 weeks max off work. There are obviously no employer rights and it wouldn't be possible to get an experienced enough locum to fill in for me. It would be ideal if DH could get paternity leave and stay at home for a few months with the baby as I do think that time is crucial. Catch 22 eh?
silíní Posts: 4219
Gosh girls that is so unfair! You should be able to switch the mat leave to the dad if you have to work for whatever reason..... In answer to the other question, you can switch your tax credits to your husband anytime, i did this a few months ago as i was off work, and even though i'm back working now i left it that way due to the fact that i'll be taking unpaid leave soon enough.... I think you can switch over and back anytime, you just ring the tax office.
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I think in Sweden the man is entitled to take a year off if he wants, not sure if that's paid or not. But yes it would be more "equal" if either parent could take the maternity leave. Not every couple has the man as the top earner. I know it might not be viable for small companies to pay the top up but say if a single girl with a mortgage gets pregnant - she's going to be completely stuck if she has to survive solely on WF. That might be life but it is not really giving everyone a fair chance at procreating. From my experience there are more and more singles girls out there deliberately getting pregnant. I have friends and work colleagues who have deliberately gotten pregnant even though they were not in relationships (from one night stands, flings and affairs) because they were mid to late 30s and didn't want to be childless. I know this situation isn't ideal but they're still entitled to have children These are all well paid professionals in good positions - home owners, with savings and receiving the wage top ups so they're in a position to do this. But I think it's an interesting trend that's emerging. Maybe it's always happened and I've just noticed now. Anyone else notice this?
jarashow Posts: 3083
My husband is Swedish and it's 3 months paid leave during the childs first year of life. It's 12 months paid leave for the woman with the option of another 6 months unpaid and they must keep your job for you by law. I don't know any single women that have children or are pregnant. Maybe it's a new thing for people in mid to late 30's I don;t know.
AJ07 Posts: 188
I will only be getting S.W. payments too. But I only work part time now because I have another child so I won't be loosing out too much. How do you know if you qualify for the full €280. I know it works on 2006 tax credits for me but do I just have to wait to be notified by S.W.? I don't know if I'll be going back to work after this baby. I mean by the time I pay a child minder to look after him/her I probably won't be left with much so It might make more sence for me to stay at home. We'll have to cross that bridge when the time comes. We haven't really decided yet! :wv
Mstique Posts: 175
Sorry to hijack the post but just wondering how far in advance you heard what amount you were entitled to from the social welfare office? I submitted my form to them at the beginning of March and received a general letter to say they had received my form and would be in touch. With only 6 weeks left of work I'm wondering generally when this will be! Thanks. :wv
silíní Posts: 4219
Hi ms.tique, there is a backlog i think so it will take a while. I submitted mine about 6 weeks ago and like you got the general letter but nothing since. My mat leave starts May 2nd ... Maybe give them a buzz and they might be able to tell u how long...