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letty Posts: 444
hi girls just trying to figure this out if i go on maternity leave 20th October (all goin ok) when do i have to come back to work is it 22 weeks off, 12 weeks unpaid leave (if you want this) do i get bank holidays and xmas holidays.... if this is right im looking im not back to work until june next year,, am i right!!!!!
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi Letty, You are right about the 22weeks but if you are not going until october 20th then the unpaid leave will be 16weeks because you will still be on your 22weeks on 1st march 2007. The bank holidays depends on your company, I am given my bank holidays in a holiday bank at start of each calendar year so I dont get them added onto maternity leave but I think most companies do add them on for mon-fri 9-5 employees.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Sounds about right. I will hopefully start my leave on Nov 24th, and (although not planning on taking the full 16 weeks unpaid leave) should be back to work in July. As Trish said, the bank holidays depends on your company. I'm also given the bank holidays as part of my year's total of holidays, but am being given the option of taking them at the end of mat leave. With regard to holidays for this year (xmas hols), that will probably depend on your company as well - although you are entitled to them. In my case, I cannot carry these over past Dec 31st, so I have to use my Christmas holidays before I leave at the end of November. Is there someone in a HR role in your company that you can ask about it?
Gerbera Posts: 539
I start my maternity leave in early August. 22 weeks added to that covers me til early January. Then any bank holidays acrued during this time I'll be ading to the end of my maternity leave, which will give me another week and then I'll be taking some unpaid leave.