maternity leave - what a bureaucratic minefield!!

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
Ok so today I asked my manager to schedule a session at some point this week to go thru mat leave dates etc.. then I contacted HR.. what a minefield!! So my company wants a 12 week written notice of my intention of going on mat leave (I knew it was at least 4, but 12!) which means I should do this in the next 2 weeks max (I'm 24 weeks now and will be going on mat leave at 38 if i'm correct so I have to send in all docs no later than 26 weeks). Together with this I need a Certificate of Confinement (I guess it's some kind of letter from the GP stating that I'm PG, my EDD etc..) please correct me if I'm wrong. The HR department of my company is in Hungary so I need to post the MB10 to them so they can fill in the employer section and then they will forward it back to Ireland to the Dept of Social Welfare (I'm sending to Hungary my marriage cert too for them to forward it back to the Social Welfare office!) They'd better not lose my marriage cert! The mat leave form says GP cannot fill in the doctor section before 24 weeks so I need to wait another week at least! So I'm too early for the gp but i'm almost too late for hr! And finally I need to inform my company 12 week before going on mat leave whether I want to take unpaid leave! Isn't it waaay to early to know that?? That's 12weeks notice +26weeks paid leave before I even have to return to work, how can i be expected to know now how I will feel then? I thought I had to give 4 weeks notice! Not 38! Sorry for the rant!
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Hi Woodstock, No advice really just wanted to say congrats and don't stress too much.
Yoda Posts: 3340
Woodstock, just send the page that the employer needs to fill out to Hungary, no need to send the whole form :wv Tell them to send it back to you and you can send it to Dsfw As far as I know it is four weeks notice so not sure why they are asking you for extra notice
Woodstock Posts: 1565
[quote="Yoda":1bee9apr]Woodstock, just send the page that the employer needs to fill out to Hungary, no need to send the whole form :wv[/quote:1bee9apr] ohh how do you know i can do this? Do we work for the same company? :-8 (surely there aren't that many company in Dublin whose hr dept is in hungary... did i just give away who i work for? O:o) )
Yoda Posts: 3340
Notice: You must give your employer at least 4 weeks' written notice of your intention to take maternity leave and you must also provide your employer with a medical certificate confirming the pregnancy. If you intend to take the additional 16 weeks’ maternity leave you must provide your employer with at least 4 weeks' written notice. Both these notices can be given at the same time. Here is the link on this ... nity_leave Your job is acting very strict really
babybliss Posts: 437
WoodStock, that sounds like a total nightmare. I would double check with the HR department, as this just doesn’t sound right. I have to give them 4 weeks notice of my intended maternity leave date (which they already have though) and I don’t have to decide anything regarding the unpaid leave until 4 weeks before the end of the paid maternity leave… I actually thought that was the norm and what you have to do is very complicated and sounds like even against the law. Might be worthwhile checking the citizens information website for more info/ Also, before sending off any documents, ask if you can send photocopies, as I lost some of my original documents in post…. Good luck and let us know how you get on
Yoda Posts: 3340
No I don't work in Dublin I just gave the page that concerned the employer to my job, no reason why they needed my other details Just wondering why they are sending in your form, and why so anal about the extra weeks Are they topping up your payments ?
Woodstock Posts: 1565
oh yes, they're v. good that way, they will pay me my full salary (well.. deducting tax, prsi and €280 weekly mat benefit) into my bank account. I honestly thought I had plenty of time before this HR guy sent me this huge employee checklist!
Yoda Posts: 3340
Sure no harm in asking them why they need so much notice when it is not required normally, must be something to do with the fact they want the details sent away and that they are paying your topup Sure good luck with all the red tape
ellee Posts: 666
You need to check your terms of employment Woodstock. They cannot deny you mat leave if you give the statutory notice which is 4w, the rest is prob overkill on the part of some eager beaver in hr! But check your contract in case there are extra duties put on you there and maybe the company's policy as well. Even if there are, I wouldn't worry about it as they canNOT penalise you [u:1ifwt2zw]in any way[/u:1ifwt2zw] so long as you give the statutory notice required, ie 4w. Terms and conditions contrary to the statute would be void and unenforceable! jeez louise! :eek talk about ott requirements!