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sugarplum Posts: 430
Girls anyone know what happens, when your contract does not specify how long you will be in job I am working on a grant programme, therefore money is coming to an end but boss has informed me I should be in a job until june 08- but if i did get pregnant- what happens would i get maternity pay etc as money is running very low sorry if this is confusing? If i did get a new job- how long do i Have to be in it to qualify Thanks I am really confused at the mo!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi Feb, I'm not sure how it works when you're on a temporary contract, but I imagine its exactly the same as at any time, if you are in your job when you get pregnant and still employed by them 15 wks before your due date then you qualify fr maternity pay and leave - its statutory so they will have to pay it regardless of funding as far as i know. The website below will give you more info. [url:1njl6qsn][/url:1njl6qsn] You'll also see on this that even if you don't qualify for smp (i/e/ if your contract ends before the 15 wks before your due date), you can get a maternity allowance for the same amount of time, and for the same amount as smp, but without the 6 weeks of 90% of your salary at the beginning - sorry that's probably not very clear, but look at the website and it'll explain it better.