Maternity pay & work contract

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lilygrace Posts: 195
Hi all Just looking for some insight or your take on my contract. It says we dont get paid for mat leave (have to go through SW) but yet if you are signed off for any certified medical reason (eg bad back etc( you get full pay for 3 months. I personally think this is rather discriminating against the pregnant worker - its almost like they would prefer you to be out sick, then be out on mat leave.... Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or what ye think... Thanks :wv
no2herewego Posts: 802
Many companies will make up the difference between the Social Welfare and what your salary is, but its just an added benefit they dont have to do it. The Sick pay policy is again different in each company, your company obviously has a good sick pay policy in place. So thats why you are not getting paid mat leave but you will get paid if you get signed off prior to having the baby.