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Volvic456 Posts: 33
Morning all I work in a small company & have been told they do not pay maternity leave However I was out last night with work collegues and my boss who recently went on maternity leave it came out over the course of the night that she is getting full pay on her maternity leave the company brought in a new policy to pay maternity but no one was told about it is this legal? should all staff be told that there was a change in policy? Thank you sorry just feeling i wasnt told in case i would rush out & get pregnant just because i would get paid???? O:|
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
Volvic - if there is a policy there for maternity leave then anyone pregnant is entitled to it not just your boss. not sure what the policy is in your company but i would have thought any updates should have been sent to staff. i would ask HR if you have a HR person for the latest copy of employee handbook should be in that, i know it is in the company i work in.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
God yeah ye should have been told about any change to a policy like that. Defo defo contact someone who deals with this, not your boss and ask them what the policy is.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
I work for a fairly large company and employees are not notified if there are updates to policies. They are all available on the internal web system to view by all.
Flossie38 Posts: 653
I know this isn;t completely relevant, but shows the way companies think. I work in the construction industry, and used work for a national contractor, you would be very used to seeing their signs on motorways etc. Anyhoo there are not a massive proportion of female employees, however there are some (quite a small number) in management positions, but larger numbers in admin / support departments. A good friend of mine who was well up the foodchain got pg, asked her boss if they would top up her maternity pay as they could not survive on her DHs wage (she's a cougar with a toyboy husband!). As she was an engineer by training & in management they agreed to top up her money, but told her not tell anyone, cos they wouldn't entertain paying 'all the other women'. Would love to know if this is legal - is it possible that a company could have different policy depending on your position within the company?
candypants Posts: 8575
[quote="mrspiggy":d58hllsk]I work for a fairly large company and employees are not notified if there are updates to policies. They are all available on the internal web system to view by all.[/quote:d58hllsk] Same here.
Brideyz Posts: 380
There is no legal obligation on the company to top up maternity benefit, they can choose whether to do so or not and under what circumstances. It is certainly worth asking the question - you should look for a copy of the policy. However, my money would be on a response to the general effect that its one of the perks of her position which is higher than yours - like maybe a company car or company phone would be.
mrswhits Posts: 277
While there is no legal obligation on an employer to top up maternity benefit, I think any employer should be wary of picking and choosing who they pay it to and who they don't as really they are leaving themselves open to claims of discrimination, especially if they don't have a written policy. Also, as far as I remember, whatever is "custom and practice" in a company often has more weight in employment issues so if your employer has paid all women on maternity leave up to you then you would have an entitlement also.. Just my opinion and open to correction!
Daff Posts: 11644
I've found that companys that pick and chose who gets paid to have some criteria for it. It's usually highre paid employees that they feel are highly trained etc. So that that need them to come back as it's valuable to the company. I work in admin and could easily be replaced. I didn't get paid ML. If one of the directors got pregnant (not that anhy of them are women, but if!) they'd value them staying and probably pay ML on the condition that they would have to return for a minimum period. It would be beneficial to the company. Not fair, but business. I'd talk to thema nd see what they say