Maternity shoppting in New York

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quinny07 Posts: 103
Just wanted to ask if anyone knew of maternity shops in New York worth going to, am pregnant and heading to New York at end of March and would love to get some things over there if possible. Also does anyone know whether it would be worth maybe buying things like the buggy there and bringing back or are the price differences not that much ?
littledolly Posts: 393
Aug05, so jealous of your trip - totally love New York! I'm not sure about maternity stuff there, but I you may experience problems with customs on the way back, as they are really clamping down on that. Make sure you take the labels off everything you buy, to make out it isn't new. Don't know how you would disguise the buggy if you don't have a baby in it! Good Luck and enjoy.....
Baby on the brain Posts: 67
Gap and Old Navy have a maternity section Liz Lange Maternity Boutique 958 Madison Ave, New York, 10021 - (212) 879-2191 Get directions - More information B A Pea in the Pod 151 W 34th St, New York, 10001 - (212) 244-6126 Get directions - More information C Mimi Maternity 225 Liberty St, New York, 10281 - (212) 566-1382 Get directions - More information More local business results ยป
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
there was a great thread on this on
EVIE78 Posts: 687
Hi I was in Boston last year and I got great maternity clothes in Old Navy and a shop called Maternity Works . These shops are in New York also . I also looked at buggys , I found they were alot more expensive and not a great selection . If u are going to a outlet u will get clothes cheaper there . There is usually maternity section in all the department stores . I am so jealous of u . :o)ll
quinny07 Posts: 103
girls thanks a million for info, am really looking forward to it too never been to New York so it will be doubly exciting. Hopefully will feel up to it all at the time
mrs van Posts: 210
With the exchange rate being in your favour, it may be worthwhile to buy buggy etc over there and even pay customs.