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fit Posts: 315
Do you know any Maternity Shops in Naas area? looking for something to wear to wedding
s wife Posts: 1445
not sure about maternity shops ,but Next have an ok range but the net might me the best for an occasion dress ive a wedding in April so ive been looking myself and i havent really found anything in the shops
ellee Posts: 666
my experience of maternity shops is that the range of options is awful. And that's in dublin. there are lots of v loose styles in the shops, depending on how far along ou are, maybe you would get away with an ordinary dress? I've had two occasions for a party dress - at 24w and again at 28w and wore a pre pregnancy dress - empire line, sequins on the bust and made of soft jersey material that really happened to flatter the bump. It was a Fran & Jane dress from about 2 winters ago. so keep an open mind! :wv
MammaMia Posts: 33
I have 3 weddings over the summer from 24 weeks till 38 weeks. I bought this because it will be suitable as I grow! [img:1i1uzozt][/img:1i1uzozt] and link to site:
tarab23 Posts: 26
Oh Mammamia that is a gorgeous dress. Fit, If you like any of the dresees on , they are based a few miles outside Kilcullen and they take appointments. One of them is a friend of my SIL and she said they are very helpful.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
[quote="MammaMia":3jhyozco]I have 3 weddings over the summer from 24 weeks till 38 weeks. I bought this because it will be suitable as I grow! [img:3jhyozco][/img:3jhyozco] and link to site: [/quote:3jhyozco] where did i see that dress!!! i have loads of wedding in the summer and it would do them all, as i could, like u grow!!!!
delirious Posts: 287
hi Fit, i don't think there are any suitable maternity shops in the Naas or Newbridge area. I was up yesterday in the Coombe for an appointment and ended up going into dub city afterwards. Like you, i have a wedding coming up and will be about 36weeks pregnant when its on. I went to a gorogeous boutique called Nelo Maternity, it's near the St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. It's on Clarendon St, Dublin 2. Telephone: 01-6791336. Think they are revamping the website address at the moment so it may not work. I was so impressed with it and got a gorgeous outfit. Hope this helps! :wv
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi there I had three weddings last year and had a nightmare finding dresses. One i was BM and the other two I bought normal dresses in a bigger size. That said I wasnt that big until the very end. One was a slip dress with a chiffon outer part from a boutique in Malahide and another was a John Rocha dress from Debehams. I would def look at non maternity shops as well as maternity. Its just so hard to find something glam! If you are in Dublin there are some maternity dress shops. try asos too-a girl in work got a lovely maternity dress on there. Glammed it up with bag and corsage. Anyhow best of luck! :wv