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Baba2014 Posts: 131
Hi Ladies. I'm looking to get a couple of sports tops and bottoms for walking & yoga. Can you recommend any shops or sites that aren't too expensive?
Baba2014 Posts: 131
Baba2014 Posts: 131
2013Sunshine Posts: 141
Hi baba, I got a few things in new look. Got lovely navy track suit bottoms and were cheap enough. They have a good selection on line.
Princess Kate Posts: 734
Hi Baba2014, I just wore my normal track suit bottoms under my bump, normal zip up hoodies (unzipped towards the end!) and maternity vest tops from ASOS and Topshop. I think Next also have a few sportswear bits on their website.
Pillow Posts: 58
Did you have a look in Pennys - they have some lovely bottoms to the knee that I find v comfy esp for yoga. I just wear normal cardis over them and long vests from Dunnes/Pennys with them and I'm all set. Try to get longer length vests so they will accommodate bump and won't leave you with a gap!
Baba2014 Posts: 131
Thanks for all your replies. I picked up a pair of light bottoms in H&M this evening. I can't wear my own ones under my bump - they drive me mad! Just need to get a couple of tops now.......