Maternity swimming togs

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whirly-girl Posts: 760
Has anyone found a nice set? Had a look in Mothercare the other day and didn't like their selection, not sure where else to look, but want to pick some up before we go on hols in a week or so. Do't want to spend too much either - 30e woudl be the limit! Thanks :thnk
Towniegirl Posts: 881
I got mine in Littlewoods online, not sure if they still have them but the ones I got were so comfortable at a reasonable price at about 30/35 euro.
PrincessLea Posts: 436
H&M up by Stephen's Green have black swimsuits for €25, wish I'd gotten one last time I was there...
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
When I was pregnant last year I just went to Dunne and got a size 18 which I grew into over the months!! Much cheaper than the maternity ones and they worked really well.
whirly-girl Posts: 760
Thanks - I might head to H+M at eth weekend, need to to find a dress also and that was my first port of call for that too!
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
I'm have huge trouble finding a swimsuit, as my boobs are just MASSIVE :-8 ! The suits fit me everywhere except my boobs, I'm scared to buy on line cus a lot of places have a no return policy on swimwear. I've tried the ones in M&S (Liffey Valley Maternity Range) and the ones in Mothercare, but no luck, I'll try H&M, but if anyone has any other suggestions that would be wonderful. Thanks :thnk
PrincessLea Posts: 436
Can one wear a bikini when pregnant? That would be the easiest solution really, but maybe it's just showing a little bit too much... My dh might think I'm the sexiest thing on the plannet right now but I doubt anyone else does! :o0
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
oh thats a whole differnt kettle of fish! A much bigger debate! I'd say no, no matter how small the bump or how pretty it is, I think its a bit much!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i saw a pregnant girl in a bikini when i was in ibiza last year and i thought she looked stunning, never occurred to me that it might be thought of as bad taste, i was hoping to get away with wearing mine on hols this summer :o(
whirly-girl Posts: 760
really? I'd happily wear a bikini, my bump is still teeny and i'm quite slim, but not sure any of mine would have sufficeint coverage for my mosnter duffer boobs!