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Sophia Posts: 117
Hi girls, Just wondered would any of you know where I could get nice maternity togs or tankini for summer hols? Not sure whether to go with maternity wear or just get a bigger size in normal swimwear. Has anyone bought any recently? Thanks a mil :wv
lollypop Posts: 317
Hi Sophia, I was looking at some nice ones in Mothercare on Sunday. Have you tried them?
Toblerone Posts: 2698
There are a few places online that do maternity swimwear including nextdirectory: littlewoodsireland; picchu maternity; elora; I'm being hopeful and just got bigger size of tankini top and bottoms in Dunnes. There are loads of styles in the high street so you could probably get separates without spending a fortune.
Sophia Posts: 117
Thanks Lollypop, I'll take a trip to Mothercare during the week to have a look at their swimwear, haven't checked there yet. Toblerone, thanks a mil for the websites, will check them out. I don't fancy spending too much on maternity swimwear so will have a look at the sets in high street shops as well, cheers.
s wife Posts: 1445
[quote="lollypop":vrlv1psb]Hi Sophia, I was looking at some nice ones in Mothercare on Sunday. Have you tried them?[/quote:vrlv1psb] id 2nd mothercare , i bought some lovely swim wear a few weeks ago :wv
snowbear Posts: 2107
mothercare stuff was also either 20% or 50% off last time I checked...
Sophia Posts: 117
Thanks swife & Miranda, I'll defo check out Mothercare, would be great if there was a sale on the swimwear. Was just trying to sort out last night what I need to bring away with us (heading off for a week soon) and it was my DH that suggested I get maternity swimwear for more comfort, as if speaking from experience!! :o0