Maternity wear for tall people....??

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06bridenov Posts: 145
Hi There, Does anyone know any good websites / shops who stock trousers with a 36" leg... ? I'm finding it really hard... I've tried a lot of shops and websites but the length only goes to 34". Tks
workingmom Posts: 3429
You must be very tall, I need a 33 inch leg myself, anyways, I have found a site they have a 36" maternity jeans from sizes 12 to 20 for 49GBP, about 60 euro? they charge 9BGP for shipping and deliver in 8 to 10 days. HTH, I know how hard it is to get long clothes, so I can only imagine how hard it is for you.
shinnykk Posts: 171
Hi Nov, I had the same problem couldnt get lon leg anywhere. New look do them but very hard to get them. Dorothy perkins do a long leg which was grand but it was only half covering the bump - and I find these fall down, I really need the over the bump jeans. I got a pair of mamalicious jeans, theres quite a big hem on them and i brought them to a seamstresss and they let the hem down for €7.50 did the same with a pair of dungarees from mothercare - they are actually starting to stock the mamalicious jeans too. they are grand for wearing with flats and flip flops but no heel which is grand for me at the moment cause my poor feet dont fit into anything else now other than flip flops. Hope this helps. Apparently tall paople arent meant to get pregnant!!!!!!