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nov2005wed Posts: 72
Hi Just wondering what shops people have found the best for Maternity wear. Its difficult when you are at the inbetween stage. Has anyone bought maternity wear online? I really want recommendations for the in-between stage. As any maternity pants I've tried on are too big. Maybe I'm going to the wrong shops!!! Or I just have to buy bigger size till I fit into maternity wear?! I'm in Limerick! Thanks
charli Posts: 5994
i found that maternity wear was too big for me, until i got really close to the end. I found the "pouch" was really big in the pants and tops! i didn't buy too much except a couple of nice things for going out, a party i went to and a wedding. other than that i bought linen pants,draw string pants and just loosely tied them under my bump. maybe i was lucky - i had no weight anywhere else except my belly so it was easy to wear stuff i normally wore and i shopped in River Island/Dunnes/Next. Sorry that has no recommendations for you, didn't like Mothercare Stuff. i did find a great boutique in Limerick called Momma & Me and bought what little stuff i did in there. HTH
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi if you try Dorothy Perkins and just buy in your normal size you should find some nice jeans and trousers. i was wearing stuff from there since 3/4 months and they fit fine(too small now though), Next also have some nice stuff and not too big and floaty. btw noticed that Dunnes in St Stephens green have started to stock maternity again and its not v. expensive.
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Same as that, found maternity stuff was too big up to the last week or two. Up to then was just buying up a size in tops and got a couple of wrap dresses which I've worn over Pennys linen drawstring trousers (at €12) and they've worked brilliantly. Find H&M tops brill as they're quite long so they come down over bump easily enough and are reasonable. Have a range of them in different colours, non maternity ones, and am still wearing them at nearly 7 months. Also got a belly belt which meant I could wear my jeans with button undone and long top over them for extra few months but to be honest didn't find it worked that well for me. There is also a belly band thing which is like a large hairband you can slip over the waistband of jeans/trousers etc and leave the button undone, just wear a regular top over it and it looks like a layered look but keeps your jeans up at same time. Think topshop do some funky colours/patterns in those but you may have to travel to DUB for them - otherwise look out for boob tube tops in Pennys now that spring is here, they'll do the same job.
mrs d oct 04 Posts: 282
Hi I'd agree with Sharonstep Dorothy Perkins i found them brill, stuff is nice but wish they had more of selection!!!! ah well beggers can't be choosers!
Ivy F Posts: 2023
I'm not pregnant, but I have to say that I love the pregnancy clothes in Formes ( - I went shopping there with a friend of mine, & the clothes really transformed her. She looked sexier than she ever had, to be honest! They are not the cheapest, though.