materniy clothing-fashion alert!!!!

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emily 2 Posts: 1
any one know of a good website/shops selling reasonably priced fashionable maternity clothes? despairing of limited choice!!!!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Dorothy Perkins do a lot of casual stuff. Try M&S as they now have maternity wear do dunnes stores!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hey there this was posted and it looks good and cheap enough x
daisies Posts: 23
New Look H&M Dorothy Perkins Bumo Basics M&S Next Top Shop
LJMom Posts: 1100
Hey Emily, Ducky recommended in an earlier post & the clothes look good & well priced if you wanted a few really nice things! :compress
ros Posts: 749
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Marks & Sparks only do the maternity stuff in Liffey Valley... O:| You know what I can't understand is, why can they not engineer a pair of jeans that don't move down to your knees as you walk, I'm tired of looking like a homey, all I need is a backwards baseball cap and a hoody and I'll be banned from all public places. O:| Why is it all the shops think us pregnant women seem to love combat trousers.... never wore them in my life, told the side pockets make your thighs look big and that was before my belly and bum where three times the size they used to be..... O:| Why is it that all maternity clothes are made out of cheap crap material but yet cost a fortune if they look anyway nice. I wanted something nice for a wedding, but I won't pay €300 for an outfit I can NEVER wear again esp. when its made of flipping nylon! Why oh Why, oh roll on Christmas :stork: till I fit in normal clothes..... I miss my jeans :weep !!!