Mattress for cot bed

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summerbabs Posts: 120
Hi girls, Which mattress did ye buy or which would you recommend - foam, fibre or spring? As spring seems to be the dearest I presume its the best but just want to double check with fellow m2b.. :thnk
Mrs Mia Posts: 326
Hi I bought the foam one in mothercare, €99 .. havent yet had babs so hoping its ok!
randomusername Posts: 2134
I wouldn't buy anything based on price alone tbh, a lot of the time you'll end up paying for the name as opposed to the product. With our cot we shopped around for both cots and mattresses and ended up with one that's a spring base with a foam topper. It was expensive but will last when baby moves from cot to cot bed apparently. I would pick a few you like that are within your price range and contact the stores and enquire about them. Hope that helps x
wifey001 Posts: 170
Kiddicare have a fantastic half price offer on a sprung mattress for 45 euro so I got this one and am over the moon with it!
summerbabs Posts: 120
Thanks for the reply's, Going to go have a proper look around this weekend in the shops, def want a good mattress that as WMB said will see babs from cot to cot bed. Never thought there would be such a selection of mattresses. I've a lot to learn :) :thnk
apple drop Posts: 331
Hey Summerbabs, I bought a foam mattress for DD when she moved into her cot at about 6 months. After a few weeks I noticed that there was a big imprint in the mattress where her head usually lay, so I turned it the other way up and after a few weeks the same thing happened O:| I thought that the imprint of her head would dissappear and it would pop back up when she wasn't sleeping down that end! Eventualy I had to buy a sprung mattress when I had imprints on each end of the mattress on both sides >:o( I only got about 3 months out of the mattress before I had to change it, so it was a big waste of money. It wasn't even a very cheap foam mattress, it cost about €55 from toymaster! I would definately pay that bit extra for a good mattress,especially if it is for a cot bed as they can be used till they are about 4-5 years. Hope that helps.