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joker Posts: 2789
Hi Girls Just wondering has anyone ever used Mauro Designs for their invites? Or have you heard of anyone else using them? The designs are fab and I love the fact that they are handmade... Does anyone have feedback on any other invitation suppliers!!! Thanks in advance! :thnk :thnk :thnk
Miss Jingles Posts: 215
I can let you know in a few weeks time about Mauro Invitations as I will be getting my invitations. Paula sent me a few samples and they were finished really well. She uses good quality paper and materials. And she is so nice to deal with - nothing is too much trouble or bother. Believe me - I changes my mind about 100 times on invitations, colour etc.
joker Posts: 2789
I know, she seems super duper nice!! I love her invites! will be getting some samples myself so ill let u know n u can let me know!!! So happy I think Ive found my invitation supplier!!!
beedee Posts: 109
Hi I have been in touch with Paula and nothing seems to be a problem. I am getting a sample as well. The only problem is theyy are soo nice I am afraid of the cost. Any ideas of price? :wv
joker Posts: 2789
I emailed paula and she sent me a price list via email and also I told her all that I needed, invites mass booklets etc and she done a rough estimation based on figures and I was quite impressed ! I was afraid it would be more! The jewelled invites are alot more expensive! Also I think it's great to be able to give responsibility to someone else! She can also write the invites for a small fee, my idea of heaven!
bride_jolly Posts: 259
Hey Ladies, havnt used Mauro but went with Leanne @ , Its only 3 n half months to d wedding, I was panicking as my friend woz doin it as a wedding gift but due to other things she had to cancel....Leanne woz lovely n very helpful... ...I cud nt recommend her highly enugh... Hav a claz invite & her prices are very reasonble not knockin Mauro but der a bit more expensive.... :wv
joker Posts: 2789
I just want to say, Paula from Mauro is worth her weight in invitations!! She is so helpful, always responds within a day and nothing is too much trouble!!! :o)ll I'm defo going to use her for her invites!!
Blitz Posts: 583
Girls just had a wee look see after reading all your words of praise...they are really nice - is she expensive...I love the peony blossom!!
joker Posts: 2789
In my opinion She is not expensive for what she does.. I have a pricelist somewhere for all the invites will find it and let u know!
Blitz Posts: 583
evey2010 - that would be great - thank you - stationery is top of my to do list at the mo!