Maxi cosi cabriofix Car Seat.

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Pinkly Posts: 1414
Does anyone know if this car seat needs to be used with the isofix base or can you get a universal base for it? My car hasn't got Isofix so thinking of getting a universal base (if they do them) or just use the rear seat belt.
30thmay2006 Posts: 235
hi there the isofix base can be fitted with just the seat belt and then clip the car seat into it and put the seat belt around the back of the seat to secure it. I bought one, i have isofix in my car but dh doesnt and he just uses the seat belt instead, but i think there is a normal base (easyfix?) available but mothercare didnt stock them when i was looking.
Rocky Posts: 465
There is an easifix base for these for cars with no isofix -we have one and it works brillantly