Maxi cosi cabriofix - facing backwards in car?

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Indiana Posts: 204
Hi ladies, Just four weeks to go for us and our Quinny and maxicosi cabriofix arrived yesterday. As we dn't have either of the bases and intend using the seatbelt and clip...I was just wondering: if we can't put car seat in the front passenger seat because of front airbag, does this mean that baby's car seat is fixed in the back seat facing the back of the car? and if so, is this not really impractical if there is only one of us in the car with babs and can't look back and see him/her? or if both of us are in the car, does one of us have to sit in the back to keep an eye on babs? Or are we missing something?? Ta!
wifee07 Posts: 353
Hey there, a lot of the baby shops sell mirrors that you attach to the back seat head rest in the shape of a teddy. The teddys main body is a big round mirror so you can see baby in your rear view mirror and I think the baby can see your reflection to?! Hope this helps?
under construction Posts: 3458
The reason for the backwards facing car seat is that a baby can't support their own head so if there was a car crash or something the force wouldn't throw their neck forward. They can sit in a forward facing car seat once they can sit unaided and support their own neck - hope this makes sense ?? In the meantime i got one of these, they got onto the headrest on the back seat - you can get these in Smyths or any maternity / kids shop [img:pb0zk66o][/img:pb0zk66o]
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Just to add it is very tempting at the start for one of you to sit in the back, but, you are better off not doing this as the baby will get used to having you there and it makes it much harder when you are on your own in the car with babs. Good luck. FP
firefly78 Posts: 312
I discovered in my car the other day that there is an option to disable the front passenger airbag with the car key. It is also in DH car so check your car for this.
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I think I have this option on mine too (07 Passat - anyone know for sure?) But is there no legal implications to having the baby in the front seat, even with the airbag switched off? I hate the idea of my little one rear facing in the back, but I know its for the best.
firefly78 Posts: 312
as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong though) that this is why that option is there. Check out your handbook with your car under airbags. That's how I found out about Dh as it is a new car. Mine is 05 seat Cordoba and it has it so I'm sure a 07 passat would have it.