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Hot Mama Posts: 206
We have the Pilko Cosmo buggy from Mamas & Papas and they have the car seat to match which pops into the buggy but everyone is telling that it is a nightmare taking the car seat in and out of the car and just to get a maxi cosi and leave this in the car. Are Maxi Cosi car seats the best type and should i get the base or is this unnessecary ?
Pinkly Posts: 1414
We got a maxi-cosi cabrio fix car seat with the easybase. The car seat is the lightest out there & has got great reviews for safety. I ordered ours through as it works out cheaper!
shobie Posts: 1437
Its no bother taking a car seat in and out of the car imo. I have a maxcosi and quinny pram so I hike it out every day to click it on the pram chassis and genuinely its no big deal, you just get used to it. Seems like some people have more money than sense if they are telling you to spend another E150 on a car seat you dont really need just because they are too lazy to unclip the seatbelt.
busybee07 Posts: 959
I agree with shobie, why go to the expense of buying a second car seat. Does the M&P car seat not come with a base for the car? If it does then you just need to clip it in and out of teh base and if not how long will it take you to put a seat belt around the car seat! It might take a while at first but you will get used to it!
Hot Mama Posts: 206
Yes you have to buy the base seperate to the car seat - i didnt realise that the base just stays in the car and you just pop the seat out and into the buggy and back in again - its if as easy as that they i will get it. I wanted to match the buggy, but people were telling me just to take babs out of car seat and lay him-her in their buggy Thanks ladies