Would you recommend the Pebble or the CabrioFix? and why? Cabriofix: mothercare €120 (sale price) pebble: mothercare €170 (sale price) Is the pebble worth €50 more? I've compared the 2 on the maxi cosi website, and following are the differences from what I understand: * Cabriofix 5 star safety rating, pebble 4 star * Pebble has Innovative easy-out harness, which the cabriofix doesn't have * Pebble is airline approved (don't even know what this means!! Won't be travelling too much anyway) * Cabriofix works with 4 different bases (EasyBase 2, 2wayFix base, easyfix base, familyfix base) whereas the pebble only works with 2 (EasyBase 2, familyfix base) Is there anything else I should be taking into consideration?