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malteserbunny Posts: 52
Hi All, Was at GP yesterday and got my first pregnancy confirmed - due date 5th May 2012 - I couldn't see a May babies thread so here we go :o)ll :o)ll I know its maaaaaad early but I have decided I'm going to ignore the possibility of anything else happening other than it all going well. Totally new to it all - I have no nieces or nephews yet and am generally learning as I go along. Have decided to go the 'public route'. Anyone else out there with a similar due date?
sookiesue Posts: 4
hi there congratulations - me too due 3rd May roughly. all new to me too v nervous but excited.actually thinking of going private in public hosp. Its v diffficult trying to decide as dont have many recommendations. :stork:
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Hey girls, massive congratulations to ye. Just found out at the weekend that we are expecting No.2!! Due the 9th May all going well. All excited but kinda overwhelmed at the same time. Happened really quick for us this time. Hope ye are keeping well, I have no symptoms really, only the sore boobs!!!
marles Posts: 1397
Congratulations girls,I was here this time last year...it will all go so quickly. Take good care of yourselves and enjoy every moment. They get so big so quickly and bring so much joy to your lives :lvs :lvs I hope you all have straight forward pregnancies and deliveries :stork: P.S the delivery is not that bad..this was my first baby and I went on my Due date in 5 1/2 hours.
malteserbunny Posts: 52
I have the killer sore boobs too Mrs Sensible, feel very very bloated but thank god other than that I'm right as rain, no nausea or sickness at all. Where I live you get your first scan at 20 weeks which I thought was a bit late! :eek :eek Just today booked an early scan privately for when I will be just over 9 weeks in early October. I think May will be a lovely month to deliver, better chance of good weather, having visions of me & baby relaxing on a picnic blanket in a flowery meadow :o0 reality will probably be very different. Missing my Friday evening vino like crazy, how the heck am I going to get through the next 8 months, I have not had an alcohol free 9 months since I was 16 :hic
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Wow! ! A May 2012 thread, how exciting, like Marles I'm a May mummy too, this time last year we were startin out on here too! Wishin u all a very healthy + happy 8 months ahead, it will fly! ***babydust*** for some more May Mammies x
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Its such an exciting time isn't it!! Malteserbunny im the same, no other symptoms besides the chest but its weird cause on DS I was a bit sickly at this stage. Have to say though the tiredness is unreal, kinda feels like ive been hit by a hammer in the evenings. 20 weeks is a bit far away alright for your first scan, you were dead right to get the private scan, it'll put your mind at ease aswell. I'm going public aswell and where i am i think ill get the scan at about 12-13 weeks and cant wait for that so it will make it feel more real. I thought May would be lovely aswell, hopefully we might get a nice summer next year!!! Thanks a mill aswell Marles and Summersurprise, really appreciate the good wishes. :thnk
malteserbunny Posts: 52
Tiny bit anxious this eve as I noticed some brown spotting (sorry if tmi :-8 ) Just a small bit but really hoping it goes away. I know it can be considered normal/usual for early pregnancy, fingers crossed it doesn't get red/heavier, positivity all the way. Anyone else been through this? Nerve wracking business this.
Mrs sensible Posts: 40
Oh malteserbunny I have everything crossed for you. Please god now its only a small bit of bleeding cause that can honestly be very normal. I remember the last time on DS after DTD near the start of my pregnancy I had a tiny bit of bleeding so maybe that might be something to do with it. Try your best not to worry but I know thats easier said than done. I'll say a prayer for you and your little bean :action32
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
Malteserbunny- hope all ok? Spotting is very normal so try not to worry. I got a BFP this weekend- shocked as I haven't had a period since May (got married in June so stress stopped them!). So really didn't think it would happen for a long time as thought I'd need to get my AF back on track! Had symptoms 2 weeks ago but presumed it was finally my AF coming! I had to go for an early scan yesterday to get my due date - I'm first week of May too!! 6 weeks gone and just can't wait to get to the 12 week stage!! It was amazing though- only 6 weeks and could see the heart beating! So all going well so far! I think I'm showing already- the hormones have me so bloated :-8 ! Plus I need to eat every 2 hours to stop the nausea! I'm going private in Newry- I really debated it as it will cost 2k but my mum called yesterday to say they'll get us a bugaboo (all going well of course- too early to be talking about buggies!) so that will be a great help so we can afford it if we start saving now!