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WOLSophie Posts: 941
Hey Wollies! :wv Any May 2013 brides? I'm getting married on 11.05.2013 and I'm getting very excited! 10 months to go! So far I've booked: church venue photographer How are you getting on?
emlou Posts: 82
We're getting married on 03.05.13! Excitement really starting to build. We have the following done: Church venue Band Photographer my dress Getting the BM's sorted at the end of next month! can't wait! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Have been to a two weddings in the past 6 weeks and OMG they have the most criticised weddings we've ever been to! and not even by me - by OH! I actually had to tell him to stop giving out at one stage!!
WOLSophie Posts: 941
Lol Love it! They can be a lot worse than us! I think once you start planning your own wedding you get very critical towards other weddings. Oooh I see you got THE dress :-) exciting! What colour are you going for for your bridesmaids?
lilywhite2013 Posts: 7
Me me me! We're getting married on 31st May 2013----very very VERY excited about the whole thing! :yelrotflmaosmilie: Not very organised though- Have church, venue, band and photographer. Think I may have found "the dress" but keeping my options open for a few more weeks before making any (more) big comittments! Bridesmaids dresses are next on the agenda- wana get a colour scheme tied down! :o)ll
WOLSophie Posts: 941
Ah welcome lilywhite2013! You're more organised that I am, that's great! Who did you go shopping with? I think I'm going to bring my mum and my sis - they'll be coming from France :)
emlou Posts: 82
Would like purple for the BM's but if they find something they really love in a different colour, I'll go with what they're comfortable with! All I've said is I don't want black or brown - after that it's up to them!
bondijunction Posts: 805
I'm the 11th May too :o)ll Have a few things organised; Church Hotel Band Photographer Videographer Making my own cake and maybe doing DIY candy buffet. Got a few jars so far in Asda. Still so much to do but feeling under pressure to get the dress ordered. Hopefully this week, going back to try my fav dress again and hopefully ordering it. Once that's done I can get BMs dresses, flowers and invites sorted quick enough. Ah its all very scary!
Dollydel Posts: 1726
I'm the 4th May. So far we've booked church but no priest Venue Band Photographer Flowers I've found a dress and bridesmaid dresses that I love. I'm holding off ordering my dress though cause I losing weight at the moment. Just hope I don't leave it too late. We have two weddings in the next two weeks so I will have my critical eye out.
pineapples Posts: 76
I'm also May 4th! Have venue, church, photographer and band booked. I have also booked someone for flowers, cake and hair but haven't decided on any details. Haven't done any dress shopping so far, i'm losing weight at the mo and just not willing to go until i've lost a bit more. I've potentially seen BM dresses, 2 of the girls are going to try on this Thurs evening so fingers crossed!
MazC Posts: 27
Im 4th May too!! :wv I have my venue- getting married in France, have spoke with the priest and he said we could use his church but has since said to come back to him in September which is a bit scary! They seem to be a lot more relaxed about things in south of france! Have my photographer and in the middle of confirming band! Going dress shopping on Saturday!! :o)ll Where are you all getting married?