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Leanbh beag Posts: 213
Hi, Due #3 on May 3rd. Is there anyone else? :)
May-ba-be? Posts: 1
Hi LeanbhBeag, I'm *very tentatively* jumping on here. I'm in another forum under a different name as I've been receiving fertility treatment and also had a miscarriage earlier this year - so I don't want to count my chickens too soon! I'm estimating my due date as May 10th but haven't seen a doctor yet so not sure. I did a test yesterday and got my BFP and rushed straight off to get blood tests done. Still waiting on the results but trying not to worry in the meantime! Yesterday I had nausea all day which I thought was weird as I'm barely 4wks but it could have been a nervous stomach! Feeling fine today, which of course has me worried! Haha, hopefully someone else will jump in here soon as you probably don't want to share a forum with a worried firsttimer with an mc behind her!
divalou Posts: 40
Hi Guys can I jump on? Just got my bfp. I've nervous also as it's early days yet. I'm due mid May. Haven't been on WOL much anymore but dying to talk with same month mommies :)
dunnebaby Posts: 122
Hi Girls, I got my BFP last week. Expecting no. 3 on May 15th! I am officially 'late'! :babydust: I have no symptoms yet apart but it was around the 6 week mark that the morning sickness hit like a bang with my two girls. How are you all feeling?
May-ba-be2016 Posts: 5
Hi girls, welcome! Had to change my username as the question mark was causing issues. I'm feeling OK, just a bit queasy but it's early days yet, plenty of time for the nausea to get worse! Well ladies yesterday I had my second blood test done, and finally got the results of the one I got last week! My bloods are looking really good, already far better than on my mc, so I'm starting to really hope for the best now. Last week I was pretty stressed out a lot of the time waiting for the results! I'm booked in for a scan at seven weeks so I'll know more then and in the meantime I finally decided I could book a GP appointment. I had this weird idea I might jinx it otherwise! How is everyone else feeling? Sorry for the 'me' post!
findmol Posts: 47
Hi ladies. Had positive test last week having been feeling woozy, tired and emotional. Me and my hubby are thrilled but under all this I'm terrified of the birth. I'm very squeamish, I passes out having a blood test last year although i didn't yesterday!! I feel guilty for feeling like this! I keep thinking about the baby getting stuck and having to be cut etc. is this normal? Also my dr just took my word for being pregnant, is this normal? Sorry if I'm all me me me. Due in May. Baby brain-forgot to say my dr did bloods. Had myself hyped up for an internal and other ways of checking for pregnancy.
May-ba-be2016 Posts: 5
Hi findmol, I assume you're a first time mum too? I can completely identify! Myself and DH are delighted too, and we were delighted when we got pregnant in April as well, but both times I was scared and nervous as well. I mean, I don't think you ever feel completely prepared to have a baby, even though we'd been getting fertility treatments! I think that's totally natural. I'm sure some of the experienced mums can answer your questions about birth, being afraid baby won't make it out, etc, I've no real words of comfort except to say I keep reminding myself women have done this for thousands of years, and we live in a fantastic country with fantastic maternity care! I went to the GP today and she didn't confirm the pregnancy either, just took my word for it. My last pregnancy in April the GP got me to do a test and he also got me to lie down on the bed and felt my tummy and stuff, whereas today she didn't do any of that, so I think it just depends on the GP. I assume your blood test today was to check for HCG or something? If so that's the same hormone a pregnancy test checks for, except with a blood test you can actually test for the levels of HCG so it's a bit better than the 'yes, no' you get off a home pregnancy test. Hopefully you can chill out over the weekend anyway, I'm trying to enjoy this time even though I'm nervous and wish I could tell people but don't want to yet!!!
findmol Posts: 47
Hi May Ba Be 2016 Thanks for reply. Ya first time mom too. Been a bit calmer today but my mind is still wondering towards the horror end of things. I'm prone to anxiety and worry as it is but I ve just been quizzing my poor DH about haemorrhage etc. way ott maybe. I ve told close family and everyone really happy, making me realise it is doable?
Leanbh beag Posts: 213
Yay! Delighted to have company! Nausea started last weekend. It's been a tough week. Must be having another girl. Pregnancy going the same as the previous two :)
May-ba-be2016 Posts: 5
Of course it's doable findmol! And it'll all be completely worth it! If you're prone to worry and stress in general then maybe try to put a few calming rituals in place now, like taking a bath, going for a walk, even just chilling out with DH and netflix, as you'll probably need that in the months ahead! Sorry you're feeling ill Leanbh Beag! If I'm being honest though I'd welcome a few more symptoms because I'm still terrified, I've had one set of good bloods but still not out of the woods. I'm going for an early scan with my fertility doctor next week so I'll know how things are going either way at that stage. How is everyone else?