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Miki Posts: 309
Hi Girls, im due my first baby on May 27th. 25weeks now and so far (touch wood) I've had a text book pregnancy, ive only really sprouted a proper bump in the last 3 weeks. It literally appeared over night and there's no stopping it now, it has a mind of its own! Im suffering with really bad heart burn the last few weeks and im weeing loads during the night, which is crap but I cant really complain. I think since Christmas its really kicked in - im really pregnant. I've started buying a few bits and we've ordered the furniture for the nursery, the grand parents are buying the buggy next week. Just wondering how the rest of you's are feeling / getting on with things???
Yummy Mummy Posts: 138
Hi Miki, Im due 2nd June, so 24 weeks gone, like you iv been very lucky, ive sailed through this pregnancy, only in the recent weeks ive developed a shape as my MIL calls it, i feel soooo big, cant do as much as I used to, Im usually very active, but loving being pregnant and love feeling my little baby moving around inside me :-) Have you bought much Miki?
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Hi Miki, I'm due 3 days before you. I am feeling great right now...finally blooming too. I really enjoyed this part of my last pregnancy also and only really slowed down in the last couple of weeks of it, so I am hoping this one will be the same. Have to say I love being pregnant...although the MS at the start was terrible. How are the kicks coming along? I think my baby is listening to Daft Punk or something in there coz he/she never stops grooving... :o0 The heartburn is a killer alright..remegel are making a fortune out of me. So, 15 weeks and counting!
AliB Posts: 59
Hi! I'm just over 20 weeks now, so a bit behind you but definitely finally starting to feel actually pregnant! The most annoying thing so far is that I had to stop cycling to work, I just have too many aches and pains to cycle home so I'm on the bus for now. I thought I would get another month cycling so bit dissappointed, now I have no exercise at all! Does anyone else feel like they have been run over by a bus? My legs are all stiff and sore like an old woman! Sorry I've hijacked your thread with a bit of a moan - apart from that I am doing great, sleeping fine so far with lots of pillows in the bed. No thoughts on shopping yet. Hate shopping! will probably leave it all till after baby is born then I can send hubby out to get everything! How is everyone else feeling?
Yummy Mummy Posts: 138
Remegel???? Nantes are they tablets? Im knocking back gaviscon all the time, I gag every time, tastes disgusting
Hepburn Posts: 4081
They are a chewy fruity flavoured remedy.... All chemists would have them.
Miki Posts: 309
I've bought a few basic bits of clothes. Since this is the first grand child on my side my mother and sister (who's godmother) are going mad and told me not to buy any more clothes!!!! My sister already has a moses basket full of gear for me. We've painted the box room a very pale lemon at home and the nursery furniture is gettting delivered next week. Other than than i've started to pick up a few blankets and bits and bobs if im in boots. I'm usually really organised but since this is my first baby and im a bit clueless, i seem to end up just staring at whats available and then leaving the shop! I spent a half an hour looking at gro bags in boots last week, i was like 'what the F*** is a gro bag', its all new to me-i just stood there! I'd like to have everything done before im 34-36 weeks, my sil left everything to the last minute and then was so big and uncomfortable she said it was horrible dragging herself around shops. As far as the movement goes, i think i was a bit slower than most. i was really worried for a while. Thankfully im getting flutters most mornings and evenings now. I love it!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Morning may and june mammies to be ... Well I am a bit of both .... my date is 7th June, scan says 21st May so me and doc split the difference at the 28 May (im secretly hoping the scan date is right - of course !!! So far Im feeling great just the nausea and extreme tiredness in the beginning and then the heartburn grrrrrrrr hate it. I gave up the fags last march and must say I havent looked back but I have taken up eating and thats not good so my weight has crept up steadily and that gets me down and I know its so easy put it on but not so easy lose it. I also had awful acne for a while and one morning I woke up and had no new spots and then the next morning I had none :o)ll :o)ll and boy was that a relief !! We have bought a Mamas and papas Pliko pramette and car seat - I love it and I cant wait to get it out of the box and bring babs out and about in it and we also bought our cot/bed, and moses basket, I have some babygros and vests and dribblers and even some nappies :-8 the bottles and steriliser too ! So Im pretty much organised ..... but as hubby says thats me all over ! How are we all enjoying the kicking and movement we are getting - babs loves Bryan Adams and Meat loaf apparently !! MrsNoc
Miki Posts: 309
Oh, i went to see Dream Girls the other night and babs went mad for the whole thing, must like old Motown music!
lin Posts: 107
Hi Girls, I'm due 30th May, so 24 weeks gone. Loving being pregnant too and feeling baby's movements, which are constant! My bump started to show in January and is huge now, though have only put on about 5 pounds so far. I'm starting to get tired again though, and have the dreaded SPD which is causing difficulty walking, standing up, getting out of bed etc. Heartburn has also become a feature over the last week, so knocking back the Gaviscon. I've started to buy a few things, but we haven't looked yet at the bigger things like buggies etc, but we intend looking this weekend...Can't wait!