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summer09 Posts: 807
Hi All, I am getting married 23rd May 2009 and just came back from my sisters wedding 4th April the wether was so cold!! I think perhaps I should have got married in June-July! :eek I know that the weather last summer was rubbish and there are no guarentees...
papillon Posts: 1305
I'm getting married the day before you summer 09! May is a tricky one. When we were planning the wedding I wanted to get married Sept this year. H2b wouldn't have enough holidays left this year though so we had to go with next year and I figured May was the earliest month that I would agree to bare my skin.. :o0 Sometimes I think we should have put it back to the first week in June when the Leaving Cert starts cos you know it's always roasting when the Leaving begins :o0 I'm not too worried. It shouldn't drop below say 10C and you could expect it to be a lot warmer than that really .. maybe mid to high teens?
tsalta Posts: 329
I really hope the same as you guys as we are getting married 2nd May 09! I was also a bit worried thinking about it the other day as it's still quite cold now - at least your dates are a bit later in the month than mine! I remember last year at around the end of May the weather was beautiful so fingers crossed for next year! Trouble is in Ireland you can't depend on the weather any time of the year! I do agree about the leaving cert too - weather is always fab then. :o0 Having said that when we were studying for exams all those years ago at college during the month of May the weather was always amazing too so hopefully it'll be the same next May! *)
herby Posts: 543
Im getting married on the 2 May 2009 aswell :o)ll The sat of the bank holiday last year was lovely but sun and Mon was not great anyway I cany do anything about the weather so I am not going to stress over it I hope!
jimmyjoemango Posts: 166
Im also May 2nd but 2008. Its going to be gorgeous. Positive Mental Attitude and all that jazz :o0
summer09 Posts: 807
Its mad I went to a friends wedding in March last year in Ireland and got sunburnt!! I hope that the weather is good for us May Brides but hey it won't be the end of the world! I picked May 23rd as it is a bank holiday here in England and most people coming will be English will give them an extra day to recover! :wv The next bank hoilday after that was Aug 4th and alrealy had a long enough engagment!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I was at a wedding 28th of April last year and the weather was fab. It was so warm and sunny. I was at a wedding in July and it rained all day.......never stopped!. I guess it's just luck really. I'm getting married in December so the weather is not really an issue because I'm just expecting it to be cold.
alskling Posts: 311
Hi girls I'm the 24th of May this year. My Mum is hoping for good weather but to be honest no matter when you get married in Ireland you can't rely on the weather! I'll be prepared with my brolly and if I don't need it all the better!
hectic Posts: 528
We're getting married on 21st May 2009. There were very few dates left with the venue that we wanted.....just April, May and we went for May....there's no way I could wear a dress in December.....i'm a very cold creature! Sure all we can do is hope for the best on the just never know!