MB 10 form for teachers- who is employer?

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muffinmix Posts: 100
Just wondering if any teachers have filled out the Maternity Benefit form recently and know who you are supposed to put down as your employer - is it the board of management or the department of education? I know for the section that the employer fills out that the school or board of management does that but in part two, your work and claim details, is that also the board of management or the department? Thanks girls :thnk I feel like I need 26 weeks off after all the form-filling!
lincoln Posts: 387
Hi Muffinmix, no solid answer for you but I suggest that you post it on educationposts.ie as there may be a few pregnant teachers on there.
fizzyduck Posts: 278
Its the Board of Management. Don't put Dept of Ed as employer as it'll only cause hassle with form being sent back .
fizzyduck Posts: 278
Lincoln You can fill it in any time from 24 weeks on. Make sure you do it at least 6 weeks before you're due to go on leave. Also there are two forms one for the school and one for the dept of social and family affairs. You can get the school one on the into website and the other one MB10 off the dept of social welfare site
lincoln Posts: 387
Waiting4no2 - thanks so much for your reply. Edited my post so as not to confuse muffinmix.