mb10 form question??

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snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi girls, my secretary in school doing my mb10 form, dept of ed (where i wk) said it's up to school to fill in now not them, she a bit unsure as new to it.... in employers section to fill out..has to fill in my maternity dates from what date to what date...she aske dme for these dates as im off sick til then so not in for her to know..my question is..do i fill in my 6mths (from may plus 6mths..hols etc)maternity or do i add the 16 weeks ( unpaid) still not sure if taking...tks
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
It's the 26 weeks which is maternity leave. The other in called 'unpaid maternity leave'. On the form you are basically telling the social welfare when they are paying you. Also you don't need to decide how much, if any, of the unpaid leave you are taking until 4 weeks before the end of your maternity leave.
roxi84 Posts: 260
Hi snuggler, I fill these out as part of my job all the time. The state will only pay you 26 weeks (6.5months) mb, so you usually put the start date down as the date two weeks before your due and then the finish date as either the end of your 26 weeks (incl bank holidays) or your 26 weeks plus holidays that fell over your maternity time. This really doesnt matter to the state because as I said they will not pay you for more than 26 wks. Its more for just yourself & your employer to know when youre due back to work & for your employer to pay you for your holidays. The extra 16 wks unpaid leave doesnt come into it & you have until the last month or two of your maternity leave to let your employer know if you intend to take it. Sorry its a bit of a ramble, hope it makes sense. If you need any more help let me know :wv
roxi84 Posts: 260
WinterB2B put it a bit simpler :hyper:
snuggler Posts: 1296
tks a mill guys, Im going from 3rd May for 26 weeks plus 30 days(hols) so i have 3rd May and my date due back is 1st Dec..i wrote note explaining to secretary and wrote on mb10 form from 3rd May and left blank the "to" date but wrote on note explaining my working out is til 1st Dec but she should do too and see if we match..hope thats ok. Hope im right on those dates. tks a mill
kazk08 Posts: 33
Hi all Apologies in advance if this has been answered before and also apologies for hijacking your post snuggler. I have just been filling out my mb10 form also. I am entitled to 4months paid maternity leave from my employer with the option of a further two unpaid if I choose. At the moment, I will have to return to work after the four months but if when it comes to it, we can afford it, I would like to take an extra month if not the two unpaid. So, my question is what dates should I put down for start/end date of maternity leave on my form? Should I put the full 26 weeks (equivalent to 6 months) or shoudl I just put down the equivalent of 4 months? I'd appreciate your advice. I'm a bit clueless on this one! Thanks.
Mammy101 Posts: 446
The MB10 form is [b:3q206yhk]only looking for the 26weeks you're wanting to claim Maternity Benefit for[/b:3q206yhk]. You DON'T include Public Holidays, Annual Leave, Unpaid Leave in these dates - they don't give a hoot how much time you want or plan to take off... they just want to know what dates they need to pay Maternity Benefit to you for. That's all. Once the 26weeks that you've given, are up, the benefit payments stop. BTW if you're being paid Maternity Pay from your Employer - the Maternity Benefit is lodged to your Employer's account... and then they pass on the 'tax savings' to you when your employer pays you: For Example: Say your employer agrees to pay you €2k per month - we'll assume you're normally taxed on the full €2k (that's not usually case, but makes it easier for calcs) Now, if you're getting max Maternity Benefit (which is tax-free) per month (€270 x 4 = €1080), then this is given to your employer, who then pays you your €2k... but instead of being taxed on the full €2k (as you would if you weren't on ML), you're only taxed on €920 (€2k - €1080).
snuggler Posts: 1296
tks for replies, olshue, since Jan, dept of ed employees get their maternity paid directly into personal bank not to employer TKS AGAIN, ALL SENT IN!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
[quote="olshue":1auanm7v]BTW if you're being paid Maternity Pay from your Employer - the Maternity Benefit is lodged to your Employer's account... and then they pass on the 'tax savings' to you when your employer pays you:[/quote:1auanm7v] This is only the case if your employer is paying you your full wage, otherwise your employer has no rights to ask for your maternity benefit to be paid into their account.
mtv Posts: 935
sorry to hijack but this thread is about exactly what i am trying to figure out at the moment. i am working for dept of ed and am going out on mat leave in april. as my mat leave runs during the summer i will not be returning to work until the end of november. as the social welfare only pay for 26weeks and my mat leave runs for longer than this i am wondering what happens after the 26weeks. does the dept of ed return my pay to the full amount or will it continue at the reduced level (ie normal pay minus social welfare mat benefit) until i return to work?