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livl01 Posts: 255
Hi girls, i'm a bit stressed out so would appreciate some advice. We lost our little one over the weekend, i had scan which showed nothing and blood taken on friday. i was just over 6 weeks. saturday i started bleeding and passed clots and have continued to bleed. i had a repeat blood done yest and i spoke to lady who said my levels had gone down and what was happening was an mc. today another person rang back and didn't know about the bleeding . she obviously got blood back and has booked me for a scan tom. i tried to explain but she wasn't listening. i don't see the point in going back tom - has anyone any advice? we think they just haven't communicated with each other and we;re going to try ring the lady from yesterday later as she's on nights. i don't want the stress of another scan and to be honest i'm totally stressed out with the thoughts of setting foot in there again and esp with pregnant women and newborns everywhere.
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
livl01, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I has a missed MC discovered at 13 weeks 2 years. It's devastatingly sad. I don't have much advice, I think you should take things easy and be as kind to yourself as possible. That said though, I would definitely go back for the other scan. I really understand how you don't want to go anywhere near the hospital but I'm not sure if you could feel worse. I'll say a prayer for you. Take care.
bolababy Posts: 706
Hi livl, So so sorry to hear your news. Unfortunately I think it just sounds like miscommunication at the hospital. I think that at 6 weeks you probably won't need another scan. If I was you I'd just take care of yourself at home and maybe do a test in a week,to make sure it's negative after the bleeding stops. :xxx
livl01 Posts: 255
thanks for the replies. lady rang back and said my hcg had gone down but not by much and they want me in tom to rule out ectopic. could i have this after all my bleeding, clots? i'm scared and i had wished this nightmare was over
lilacgerber Posts: 111
Livl01, I'm so sorry to hear about ur loss. I have no advice for you but can only imagine what ur going through. I had a MMC in June and found the uncertainty of the first few days to be hard. I hope you get the support you need in the hospital tomorrow. Take care :thnk
babyforus Posts: 1619
If they think you may have had an ectopic you should go back in so they can see the reason behind the MC. I hope you are feeling ok.
Mrsexcited Posts: 927
Livl01 so sorry to hear your news. i had a MC at 11weeks and had to come back in for a scan week later after they have to check that everything is okay , everything is gone from your system sorry for being so blunt. take care of yourself and rest up.
Anon - Please help Posts: 203
Im so so sorry for your loss. Having gone through the same thing I can totally understand how your feeling. However hard it may be though you will need to go back for that scan to make sure everything has passed and that there is no D & C needed. Hopefully you wont need one. If you want to talk please feel free to PM me at anytime. xxx
livl01 Posts: 255
Hi girls, thanks for the kind words. They didn't see anything on the scan, my lining is thin again. they are testing my hcg levels again. they said i was a bit of mystery with my levels. hopefully they'll come down and that will be it