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woltastic Posts: 197
Do these have a buy off the peg section like Donegal? :thnk
Picasso Posts: 645
Yes the dresses that you try on are in protector bags and you use white gloves when trying cause they are all for sale off the peg. Afaik you can order a 'fresh' dress either if you have the time to wait for it. I heard on the radio that their sale starts 2nd Jan.
chilled out Posts: 105
Just confirmed the details with their bridal dept. Sale starts Wednesday 3rd Jan, no appointment necessary, they don't open on a Sunday, the sale will run for 2 weeks.
woltastic Posts: 197
Thanks girls! I'd say it'll be bedlam that day, but I might try drag my mother down sometime that week. :thnk
ozypozy Posts: 2950
My man and her friend drove up there especially for the sales one year and the guards were directing traffic because of it! Just get there early!