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Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Hi, I am posting here as I know there is usually more traffic here. Has anyone any experience on shopping for MOB in McElhinneys in Athboy for a MOB aged 70+? Thanks in advance for your replies!
new year BTB Posts: 413
My Mam bought her outfit there for my brothers wedding a couple of years ago (in her early 60s) I think it really depends when you go there and you can be lucky. I'd definitely tell her to give it a try anyway. When Mam got hers she got it in a sale and got a great bargain for the outfit. She will probably have a look there for an outfit for my wedding too :)
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I bought my wedding dress there and my mam {early 70s} had a look there and tried a good few outfits on. There was one really nice one but the size was wrong. Several nice ones, but colours didn't fit. Their prices are very expensive but their sales are really good. I think they said they would have a sale in June. Certainly worth a visit anyway. Good luck.
mobmar Posts: 642
They have a sale on at the moment. 1/3 off everything I think. They usually cater for all age groups so it should be worth a visit.
foxychick Posts: 232
I went there recently enough with my Mum and the clothes were very nice but very expensive. Most were over €800, so it depends on what your mum wants to spend. My Mum thought that was way too much.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
€800 is expensive alright. That is double her budget. Might give it a shot anyway especially if they have a sale on at the mo. Thanks for all your replies.
floozie Posts: 34
Anyone been to the sale here? Is everything reduced? And how long does it run for? Cheers
ram Posts: 86
Went there with my Mum recently and couldn't believe how old fashioned the shop was, felt like I was in a episode of Are you being served :o0 My mum didn't find anything she liked there, it is real mother of the bride outfits which she didn't really want. Depends what your after I suppose.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Is there a sale on there now?
specialdaysomeday Posts: 22
Bumping for any more update - thinking of brining my mum there, she's in her 70's, is there still a sale on? :o)ll :o)ll