McGlicks Birth Story

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mcglick Posts: 463
Twas the night after Christmas >:o) Ok so starting from the beginning...deceided to do a big Stephens Day dinner for our best friends - they came over we ate like pigs and had a great laugh around the table, I also had a Baileys with ice after dinner which some one in work had told me brought on their labour so keep that in mind girls. At 5.50am into the next morning was lying in bed had woken up and couldnt go back asleep, was just lying there cuddling into DH and soaking up the comfort when I heard and felt a pop in my belly followed switfly by a big gurgle in my tummy. Lay there this it??!!! Nah - it couldnt be.....Was afraid to move for what seemed like an eternity. Manovered myself out of bed and put my hand between my legs...WET!!! Waddled to the ensuite......dribbling water all over the place. DH said he knew what had happened before I called him cause he could hear the water dripping on the bathroom tiles :o0 Said the classic line...."babe, this is it!!!" DH groaned (not the reaction I was hoping for) but it was just that hed had too much wine the night before and was hoping he wouldnt have to start our hospital run with a hangover :o0 Was very calm, put on a pad, got back into bed and had a little cuddle with DH but the nerves got the better of me and I just couldnt relax....apart from the weird feeling like I was wetting myself. So got up and had a shower, shaved my legs, I was so calm when i think about it :eek Blowdried hair, organised last bits into the bag, had a small brekkie, and headed off to hosptial at about 10.30 into Rotunda at 11am. Rang mam on the way to say things had started. Almost cried but held it together. had whopper pains all the way into town in the car. DH said to me on the way in the door, we be outta here by this evening babe the way your going on!!! Got seen to almost straight away, hooked up to monitor and babys heartrate was dropping a little more than normal while contractions were peaking so they kept me on a monitor for about an hour in A&E...cervix was starting to open but not dialate, so the nurse packed me off to Early Labour ward where they could monitor me and "manage my pain" I said YES PLEASE >:o) Got to Pre Labor ward (old part of hospital- very basic and dull) and got handed over by midday....nurse says to me are you in pain, yes i am misses...she says would you like paracetamol or Solphadeine??? I looked at her :eek I says give us the Solphadeine. To cut this part of the story a bit shorter....paced corridors, bounced on birthing ball, paced some more, flights of stairs etc...only 2 cm dialated by 6pm. At this stage they said would you like pethadine.....YES PLEASE!!! Got that and had a lovely rest for about 2 hours - went into the land of la la it was lovely :hic :hic Contractions came back hot and heavy by about 8pm......wouldnt give me any more pain relif as they had started monitoring me again and the heartrate was doing the same but a little worse - not picking back up as quickly as they would like. Basically spent the next few hours stuck in the bed as I was being monitored constantly - sweating like a pig and moanin and groaning. Still 2 cm O:| O:| O:| Senior nurse came in and explained I caouldnt be moved to labour ward til I was 3 cm...... so she "examined" me...low and behold 10 minutes later I was magically 3 cm....WHOOPPPPEEEE!!! Make the call she said to the other nurse, this was at 10pm....they are just cleaning a room in labour ward for you McGlick, they will ring us when its ready not long now to my ears :o0 Moved up to labour ward at 11pm. Midwife, doc on call and anesth guy there ready and waiting. Got the epi straight away and it worked a treat. DH set himself up beside me and I remember thinking ....when i cross the door to this room again Ill be a mammy. Checked after about an hour and still 3 cms.....joke ....I was so dissapointed. Still being monitored for baby heartrate and they were watching that closely. Got to maybe 4 am and I was still 3 cms, so they started to induce me...hooked me up to drip and I was 10 cms by 5am >:o) Never felt a thing. Midwife (absolute angel) awoke DH from his makeshift bed on the floor and said right lads are you ready to have a baby ??!! Started pushing at about 5 am, god love the midwife she was so encouraging and supportive..but I couldnt feel a thing, totally numb. So I was getting tired, and the consultant on call had been floating around for a while and even stepped in to encourage me to push, but nada. Head was coming down but then going back up again. Next thing i know she silently stood up from the end of the bed and started taking stuff out of the cabinet in the corner onto a trolly ...never realised what was heppening til she sat down at the end of the bed again, Dh told to help me lift my legs into stirrips and I saw the forceps :eek Next push she slipped the forceps in. Two massive pushes and her pulling out came the head, next contraction out he came... up onto my chest...all arms and legs :o0 He cried staright away and DH siad he felt his life change forever there and then. Got taken over to the pead and was checked and handed back to me up under my nightshirt...>WOW - the most amazing feeling EVER...girls i cant explain how special those first few minutes are. He just looked straight up at us and I couldnt stop kissing the top of his little head. He was born exactly 24 hours after my waters broke at 5.50 am. I had an episotomy and stitches which are very sore but im slowly getting there. Asked to be discharged the following day as I found staying in hospital sooooo tiring, couldnt settle at all, even when me and babs were settled there was other babs on the ward with pacing mammies. DH is besotted and its magical to have him here safe and sound. What else can I say girls, only enjoy your last bit of pregnancy time, I only said to Dh this mornin that Id love to put him back in my belly just for one day, i cant believe how much I miss my bump and him kicking away inside me :lvs Any questions - just ask ill be as honest and as open as I can! Thanks to everyone for the great advise - January mammies to be - a big shout out to you !!!! Im so jealous you have the whole experience ahead of you :wv McGlick
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
Hey there and congrats! thanks so much for sharing that. What a gorgeous story. You did so well & you must be thrilled. And now you have your little bundle of blue! how lovely. :xox
zoesmama Posts: 2774
wow, Mcglick - in tears here at work - congrats on the birth of your baby boy - enjoy every minute - they get big and bold so fast. :xox
Pinkly Posts: 1414
McGlick my god you sound so calm throughtout it all! I'm attending Holles Street & would love to get home ASAP so good to hear the Rotunda allowed u to go home. Did they put up much resistance when u asked to go home early. Huge congrats to u again & look forward to chatting to u over in the Jan mammies in Mums&Kids! Babycrazy, *)
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
McGlick I'm bawling here!! Can't believe you have your little baby home and all. I always wonder if I'll miss my bump because I'm wishing away the days now and not enjoying the kicks like maybe I should. Keep the seats warm over in Mums and Kids and we'll all be over to join you soon :lvs
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Congratulations to you both, thanks for sharing your story with us. You have brought tears to my eyes :lvs
firefly78 Posts: 312
huge congrats Mcglick and baby crazy is right, you did sound very calm throughout the whole thing, fair play and I love the name! :o)ll
whackywoman Posts: 1496
congrats pet delighted that all went well. Love the name Killian
Yoda Posts: 3340
Thanks for posting your story McGlick You have me in tears here, I must be going soon :o0 O-O Many many congrats from you fella Jan Mum to be
Emomc Posts: 2069
Lovely story Mc Glick and love the humour. Thanks for sharing.