Meal suggestions for 8 month old baby

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jelliebean Posts: 41
Hi there My 8 1/2 month old is fairly established on solids. In the creche he has milupa cereal for breakfast followed by pureed fruit as a mid morning snack. He has his dinner also which is usually meat,veg and potatoe or pasta. In the evening he normally has more fruit and liga. I have now reduced his bottles to three a day and was wondering what else I could give him for his tea and for dinner at the weekends just to introduce new flavours. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks J
Gidz Posts: 290
Hi again Jelliebean. There was a post about this y/day so you'll get loads of suggestions there. I make everything and anything for my LO. She adores broccoli and cauliflower, and everything i hate. I change her dinners every week. I blend Stew, chicken Casserole. Fish, Spag Bol, you can buy baby pasta in Dunnes and Tesco but i get annabelle karmel baby pasta in boots, i find this great. Also stewed apple and pear with abit of cinnamon is lovely. For evening meals i was using the Milupa dessert range, choclate rice pudding, semolina nd honey (goregeous) and Rusk with pear, there's quite a few. HTH. :wv
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
When DD was the same age as your LO she was getting: BTW DD is a vegetarian Brekkie: Readybrek or Weetabix Lunch: Shepards Pie made with lentils instead of beef Pot & veg - all types loves veg Corn Chowder Bean HotPot Lentils and Rice Macaroni Cheese Tea Fruit and yogurt Fruit puree, follwed by rusk Babyrice and fruit. HTH