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*Lexi* Posts: 2600
[img:2bv07vp7][/img:2bv07vp7] All the mean girls All the mean girls All the mean girls All the mean girls Now put your hands up :o0
Trillian Posts: 1685
The Lohan one is being chased by Scotland Yard for pinching Dior jewels. I hate myself for knowing that but she fascinates me.
the winner Posts: 4148
Haaa haaa Hey If I get to look like that can I be a mean girl ???
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
trillian i LOVE lindsay lohan too :-8
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL!! [img:2jun00tc][/img:2jun00tc] I begs to be the one on the end :o0 (f ucks no evil is it lol)
fifibelle Posts: 4447
I want to be Regina George - OK?!!!!!!!
the winner Posts: 4148
Lexi you dirty mare.. I love Lohan too.. its mad because my SDD loved her until she came out as a lesbian she has lost all interest.. suppose shes not in as many kids movies now is she?
the winner Posts: 4148
Any meanies in tonight??/
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
[quote="The Winner":13ohhkos]Any meanies in tonight??/[/quote:13ohhkos] [img:13ohhkos][/img:13ohhkos] ??!
the winner Posts: 4148
[quote="misty21":1mwwq3mb][quote="The Winner":1mwwq3mb]Any meanies in tonight??/[/quote:1mwwq3mb] [img:1mwwq3mb][/img:1mwwq3mb] ??![/quote:1mwwq3mb] Oh Yummy I love them mmmmm Dam healthy eating :eek