Measuring Behind - worried same thing happening again

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wonderwife Posts: 463
Girls I'm sorry if I'm banging on about this (posted in July babies and in pregant after a loss) but does anyone have experience of measuring behind at an early scan? I had a missed miscarriage in August where I had a scan due to some spotting at 6 weeks 5 days, baby was measuring just 6 weeks although it had a HB so was told everything was fine. Roll on 12 weeks and scan showed baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks. Was really lucky to get pregnant again my 2nd cycle after MC and I was feeling much more positive as tests got darker got 3+ on clearblue at 4.5 weeks etc. Anyway I had a scan last Monday at what should have been at least 7+1/2 and saw a HB but baby was only measuring 6+5 so 3/4 days behind. I am so worried that the same thing is happening again. I know everyone says oh a HB is a great sign and I'm pleased we saw one but for me it offers NO comfort/reassurance, I saw one last time and it meant nothing. I also know that I couldn't possibly be only 6+5 as this would mean by OH's swimmers lived for 7 days! I just wish I'd never gone for the scan all it's done is cause me to worry more. Anyway I guess what I'm looking for is positive stories of any of you who have measured a few days behind at an early scan and everything has been ok? I have a follow up scan next Monday but the time and this limbo is just going so slowly.
Dr of love Posts: 425
I can understand your worry after the last time but this measurement wouldn't even make me pause. There is a +/- of about a week in any case on implantation alone, even if you know exactly when you ovulated and also, they don't take measurement as an indicator of the age of the fetus at this point because it is not accurate. They take it at 12 weeks so that is the measurement you should wait for. And if that one happened to be 5 days behind where you thought, that still wouldnt be any reason for concern. Try not to worry about it, if you hadnt had the horrible experience of last time, this would not be something you would worry about at all and with one miscarriage, the is no increased liklihood of another compared to someone who has had none. (I know all the reasoning in the world won't necessarily stop you worrying but right now, you have nothing to worry about with that result). Best of luck and hope you have a smooth next few weeks.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Hi Wonderwife, I'm so sorry that your scan has given you cause for worry. I got pregnant on my second cycle after a MMC. We went for a scan at 7 weeks and the baby was only measuring 6+1 but there was a heartbeat and now I'm 31 weeks pregnant and so far so good. My cycle was just messed up from the MMC. I was surprised that conception was so late because we had last 4 days before hand but the swimmers know what they're doing and can survive up to a week in favourable conditions. I hadn't heard that measuring small with a heart beat was a sign of MMC but obviously your previous experience will colour this one. I do think it's more likely though that you ovulate late and your cycle was further delayed because of the MMC. I really hope that the next scan gives you more encouragement. Wishing you a speedy week (roll on Monday) and a happy and healthy 32 weeks and 2 days.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Thank you for your replies girls, I am really grateful for your advice and reassurance. I just want this waiting/limbo period to be over. I suppose by my nature I like to know what's happening and be in control and pregnancy is the one thing I know we have absolutely no influence over! I know me worrying or over analysing won't change the outcome so I just need to chill out and wait it out. It's very hard though when you just want something so much. Hopefully this time next week I'll be looking back on this thread thinking I was a right paranoid fool :o0 Congratulations on both of your pregnancies, I'm sure you're looking forward to meeting your little ones soon! Thanks again.
sunny1 Posts: 995
Congratulations on bfp wonderwife!! I know exactly what you're going through and it's an awful worrying time. I had mmc at 9 weeks after seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks so when I had spotting on this pregnancy I feared the worst and when I went for early scan baby measured few days behind. Doc said I probably have my dates wrong but I knew my cycle so well and had been using opks. In my own head I said here we go again this is how it happened with mc. I had to go home and wait 10 days for repeat scan during which time I worried myself sick. Anyway thankfully next scan showed baby measuring correct and size for dates and Im now 18 weeks pregnant. Even though you're sure of you're dates implantation can take varying lengths of time and also with the very early scans the baby is so so teeny that the measurements arent overly accurate, that's why they always say its + or - 5 up to 5 days. I hope the time before next scan goes fast for you. Try and keep busy and take care x
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Wonderwife congrats on your bfp. Just to let you know I had a miscarriage in April and and got pregnant on my 2nd cycle after miscarriage (1st cyle trying as I had to have a d&c) and when I went for my scan at 7 weeks 5 days I was measuring 6 weeks 5 days and I was sure of dates. Anyway I am just over 24 weeks pregnant now and my princess in measuring bang on dates since my 20 week scan 4 weeks ago and again in my consultants office today. Will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for you all is alright.
wonderwife Posts: 463
Thank you so much girls. You have no idea how much comfort it gives me to hear your stories and that everything was OK and that someone understands why I am so worried. I am feeling much better and much more confident today so thank you so so much. And huge congratulations on your pregnancies this time round too :o)ll
sweetbubbles Posts: 377
I measured behind at an early scan wonderwife, and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant, I'd have to agree with the other wollies, its prob your previous experience that has you worried. I had no history at all but I still worried right up till I could feel movement. Its only natural that you would worry! :babydust:
wonderwife Posts: 463
Sweetbubbles, sorry I'm just seeing your response now. Thanks though, again that's really reassuring, all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!!
wonderwife Posts: 463
I just thought I would update this for anyone else who reads this and wonders. Had my follow up scan today and baby is now measuring 1 week (yes 1 week) ahead of where they put me a fortnight ago and about 3/4 days ahead of what I thought! So over the moon. Thanks again to all the girls who reassured me above.