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Hi we ordered Alvina Valenta dresses from gownsales (same company as jim hjelm I believe) and they did come in on the large side, they all need to be taken in and taken up but i'm glad because its so much harder to make them bigger than to make them smaller! we measured the girls and 1 or 2 fit closely into a 'size' but a lot of people wont - we had to order a larger dress to fit one bm's hips even though the top is swimming on her. I wouldn't add to the measurements, just get the size that corresponds to the largest measurement for each lady. I got extra length on two of them but even the normal length was fine on my 5' 10' friend in medium heels. so I would say they are on the generous side... everyone loves them, lovely dresses altogether and we saved a hell of a lot ordering online...good luck.