Medical card cover costs of private speech therapist?

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miss shimmer Posts: 453
Hi :) Im just wondering if any of ye could help me out? I have a medical card for my daughter, and at the minute im bringing her to a private speech therapist and I am having to pay for it myself. Just wondering if anyone knows should my medical card be able to cover this? Thanks for any replies :)
malteserbunny Posts: 52
Hi Lorsteph87 The medical card wont be accepted by a Private Speech and Language Therapist there is no scheme for it same as dentists, doctors etc. What you shoul do is make sure you get receipts for what you pay and you can claim some tax back on it (med 1 form from tax office) or If you have health insurance you might also be able to claim some of the money back too. Be sure also to list your child with the HSE local speech services in your local health centre while you are attending privately, that service is free of charge although there will be a waiting list of a few months at least. Hope this helps :wv