Meeting with Hospital after Delivery? What Gives?

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babog1981 Posts: 349
Hi Ladies, Just wondering if any of you had any experience of this. I delivered my baby a month early by emergency c-section. I had mentioned a change in the pattern of movements at a standard check up and it was investigated that day ... after a full day of traces and a scan and many many doctor opinions, I was sent home and told to come back 3 days later for a follow up. I went to the follow up with no concerns but after a trace, a scan, and another trace found myself being sent for an emergency c-section ... baby was in distress... I apparently had quite a bad bleed and baby while born pink and crying did at 3 min need CPR and resuscitation ... delighted to say that all has ended well and after a stint in intensive care our gorgeous little man is settling in at home. [color=#FF0000:zsyxy27p]However ... to get down to the initial question .... I have been invited to the hospital to discuss my delivery and the events around it. My hubby and I are slightly taken aback and a little suspicious ... don't know if this is standard hospital procedure or something more sinister and more inline with them covering their backsides ...[/color:zsyxy27p] Just wondering if anyone had a similar invite and perhaps could reassure us that what isn't at the end of this meeting a form and a disclaimer .... Many Thanks
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Im no help but I think that would be quite unusual (as you first thought). The WOL user twoboys might be a good person to ask. In my experience most people who want a meeting to discuss their birth usually have to seek it, and possibly go through a few different departments before eventually getting to meet with the person they need.
MrsMoonshine Posts: 71
Hi Sorry to hear you had such a difficult birth. Not sure where you had your baby but I know in the rotunda they have an open disclosure policy now whereby they are very forthcoming in discussing any issues from the outset. When I had my daughter there was an issue with my epidural and the consultant anaethesist came to discuss it on the post natal ward without me raising the issue. I think it is a positive approach to foster transparency and a culture of openness. It also gives you the opportunity to talk through what happened and perhaps any worried u might have for future pregnancies. Maternity hospitals have had such bad reports in recent years so I assume it's a way of trying to improve how they work