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frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
I know this has been done to death but I'm just faaaaaaaar too lazy to do a search... We are going over to meet the hotel manager on Sunday - so I'd be really greatful if you could all give me ideas on what I need to be asking. (I have a few things in my head, but I know that once I get there it will all go out of my head :-8 ) Thanks :wv
mummyofone Posts: 130
Questions about guest accomodation - what are the discounted rates. How many rooms allocated to the wedding party. Residence bar - will your guests be able to avail of it What do they supply - flowers, candles, menu cards, name cards, centre pieces etc.. What type cake stand do they have how much wine is needed? How much afters is needed? Price of Wine/Corkage and haggle! think about what you should have wine or toast drinks or both? If you want to ask what wine would suit what your choice of meal. Is there a limit on the amount of evening guests Find out when you need to pay your deposit - pay by credit card to protect yourself. Is there a service charge and what is that likely to be One wedding a day policy When do they need to know your exact no's and if they differ will you get penalised Bar extention - how much will this cost and what time will it go on til. How much on average per person for the drinks toast Chair covers - do they come in the package Discount for during the week wedding I read the other post ages ago and therefore had some of these to hand. Hope it helps.
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Thanks wilber
WohooJul09 Posts: 205
I got this from a post a while back Also i got our corkage down to €6 so its worth a try to haggle General : When can we have a menu tasting What time is check-in/check out Payment - what % is before and what % is paid after? Do you accept credit cards as payment for reception? Is there a surcharge? How many rooms for bridal party & how much? How much do you charge for corkage? Is it per bottle or per head? Do you charge extra for fizz/champagne? When can we deliver wine & fizz to hotel Set Up : Dressing of tables – petals, vases, lighting of candles etc. Colour of table linen How do you fold napkins? How do you display and organise the table plan? Do you provide flowers for the top table? Go through menus and ask can you chop and change with different menus Cake stands - what types you have? Cover for cake stand table – what colours? How much can you incorporate the colour scheme into the room? Can we instruct them on setting the tables - are there any restrictions? Arrival : What are the arrangements for greeting guests as they arrive Feeding Videographer/Photographer – where can they eat? Is there a private area for us to relax for 10 mins? Drinks Reception : Canapes – can these be supplied FOC due to large number of guests staying Confirm that champagne will NOT be poured before guests arrive at drinks reception Where can musicians set up and play? Who will chase guests into ballroom Meal : Do you have someone to announce bridal party? What kind of speaker system is available? What time should we sit down to start the band/DJ at 9pm What flowers / decorations are on the guests tables What time will you serve the meal at? Children’s / Diabetic / Vegetarian Meals? Potato and Vegetable choices Do you come around with more veg etc during the meal? Cost for a choice of starter Wine for dinner - do you only charge for what is poured or the amount of bottles opened How many waiters, bar staff etc & how are they dressed Toilets & toilet paper – are these regularly checked Can you play music during the meal from a CD Afters : Bar extension – how much & until when? Cut off time for music What time do you put out wedding cake, how much of wedding cake do you cut etc? What time do you put out the afters and what does it include? What is the best time for the afters guests to arrive at? Availability of Taxis – how long to order beforehand Any specific B&B recommendations for other guests? Residents : Where is the residents bar? What time does the residents bar open until? Will food be served late in the residents bar?