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Sheldonsfan Posts: 350
Hiya, As the title suggest I'm meeting our florist for the first time this weekend. Now our wedding isn't actually until the start of 2014 so we still have well over a year to go. We get the florist booked as part of our hotel package which we booked in Feb, and so they have got in touch with me to orgainse a consultation, to "meet us and find out a bit about us and what we want for our day". I havent even considered flowers etc really at this stage! Should I be?! Does anyone know what is expected. Obviously I will find out what is included in the package and might have to get ideas for any extras we might want so I can work it into our budget. But will they expect me to have clear ideas for what I'm wanting (ie my bouquet etc)? Also aside from whats included in the package, are there any questions I should ask at this stage? Thanks in advance for any help! :thnk
amthee Posts: 688
It is a bit early but in saying that I knew what flowers I wanted for my bouquet before h2b even proposed! Have you picked your bridesmaids dresses yet? If you have a colour scheme in mind you could talk about that see what is in season. Maybe try and find a few images of bouquets that you like even little details that you like ex wrist corsage for the mother of the bride and groom instead of one thats pinned to their dress / jacket etc.
flor Posts: 1621
hi Sheldonsfan, I'd doubt they'd seriously expect you to have a concrete idea of what you want, at this stage. it's probably more they just want to open a file for you, seeing as they have your booking, & see if there is anything you want in particular or if you have any specific ideas. if you don't know yet, just tell them. if you haven't already bought your dress/the BM dresses, then you might be as well off waiting til you do anyway. i'd say it's exactly as they have said - an intial chat. they might show you some pics & give you a general intro on their packages & what's usually included. enjoy! ETA - the only thing it might be good to have an idea of is your budget -what are you prepared to spend on the flowers. They should then be able to suggest what sort of flowers & what items would work within your range. Some flowers are more expensive in general, & some might be more expensive outside of their season or just not available out of season e.g. peonies, tulips. Other flowers are available all year round e.g. roses, feesia etc. Cheaper alternatives to roses would include carnations, crysanths. If you see something you like which is out of your price range or out of season, they might be able to recreate the look using cheaper or different flowers.