Melasma? Clinic in sligo?

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23leanne Posts: 761
Over the last 2 wks of sunny weather my skin has come out in alot of pigment patches. On my cheeks and a patch on my forehead. I have looked into it online and it looks like melasma/cholasma. I have started vit c, msm, pycogneal and grapefruitseed extract but am starting to panic as I go to florida for 2 wks next sat and im terrified of it darkening. Have bought two very well reviewed sunscreens spf 50. Today i came across a clinic in sligo - claudia mcgloin. She mentions spot peels aimed at melasma. Just wondering if anyone knows of the clinic snd or these spot peels? Thanks x
Mismatch Posts: 476
I have this as well, don't know anything about the clinic, but I did see a dermatologist a few years ago & she give me a prescription for an acne cream that helps fade this. Sorry I don't have the name of it, but thankfully I never had to use it as. Also at the time I had it really bad I bought this jar of cream called fade out, my mum had used it years ago for the same thing, but I found it nearly impossible to find anywhere, but did eventually find it in a local chemist. It definitely helped fade it out, but I do think it said that it can take up to 10wks to clear. Sorry probably not much help at all to you