Meltdown - brown spotting

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candypants Posts: 8575
OMG what am i gonna do, i hae a small bit of brown spotting. I had mc in Dec and now im totally having a meltdown here :weep anyone any advice for me?
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
Hi hun- hope you're ok. My advice would be to try calm down, and given your history, call the EPU/go in for a scan. Have you pains? Thinking of you :lvs
keyra Posts: 801
Oh you poor pet :xox Spotting in early pregnancy ca be quite common, my sister has been having it all through her pregnancy and no reaason for it but with what happened to you last time, i would ring the hospital and try to get a scan at the EPU if you are concerned. Good luck.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
CandyPants ring your hospital and tell them you want to come in for a scan/check up because you are worried. But they say that brown blood with no cramps can be normal for some pregnant woman - if you have cramps and red blood thats the worrying one but they say that brown blood is just old blood and if it is not accompanied with cramps then it can be grand. But the only thing that will put your mind at rest is a check up so go in a get checked - once you hear the little heart beat it will ease your worries - let us know how you get on :action32
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Giving your history CP, ring the rotunda as they told me to ring if I spotted or if I was in pain and they would take me into either the EPU or the emergeny room, Good luck honey :xxx
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Hi candypants really easy to say but first off please try not to panic. I had bright red spotting/bleeding from 4 weeks pregnant to 14. I also have had 2 mc's so can totally appreciate how you are feeling. The best thing to do is to go straight away to your nearest hospital/epu. Try and get there before lunch time as I know in Galway it is only emergency cover after lunch time on Fridays this might be the same in other places. They will scan you and put your mind at ease. As it is brown it is more than likely old blood and nothing to worry about but no point in stressing yourself out when they will be able to put your mind at ease.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i had brown spotting too when i was about 8 weeks, i went into epu for a scan and there was a strong heartbeat but continued to spot for 10 days - LO is still here kicking the crap outta me. I was panicking too but after reading through a lot of similar stories on here it really is much more common than you would think. for peace of mind i would get yourself into the epu or emergency dept of your mat hospital for a scan, at your stage they should definitely be able to see what's going on.
candypants Posts: 8575
rang EPU, if no pain then i have to just wait until my scan that ihave with them on tuesday, do yu think i should try book a private one for today, chance my arm with a cancelled apt??
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
no try and hang out till tues (easier said than done) How much discharge was there????, I suppose if they are not worried well then chances are your ok, and I know brown is quite common but God forbid if it turns red I wouldnt even ring them back id just go into the emergency and make them see you :xxx
candypants Posts: 8575
CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND ANYWHERE I COULD GO PRIVATE TO THIS EVENING? Babyscan in swords where i was planning on going dont open on a friday