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Glittergal Posts: 1504
Hi guys I was kept in hospital on Friday as I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine and was told I would be induced yesterday. The doctor came round and done an internal exam and told me she was after doing a sweep to get my labour started. She told me to start walking around and would bring me an exercise ball to get the babies head to move down into my pelvis. I went for a walk and when I came back she told me I could go home but to come back today for blood pressure check and to go to my GP on Monday and then to come back to them Tues or Wed. Just wondering how long is it meant to take if i dont have to go in again till next week after todays check up. My cousin had a sweep and she said it really hurt she thought the pain was worse than the birth itself and she was in labour in a matter of hours after. Mine didnt hurt at all in fact i had no idea she done anything until after when she told me. ive had no spotting since either which i heard your meant to have. So now im wondering if she done it right at all. Has anyone had this done and not feel anything like me did it work
BB1 Posts: 752
Hi Glittergal, I had 2 sweeps before anything happened I'm afraid, the first didnt hurt at all and the second was a fair bit sore. My consultant told me its unlikely you'll go into labour on the first sweep if its your first baby, if your going back to the hospital today you could ask for another one and hopefully it will get things going. I had a show a few hours after both. Finally my waters broke about 12 hours after the second. Hope all goes well, dont worry baby will be here soon, they wouldnt have given you a sweep at all if your cervix wasnt favorable.
Blackbird Posts: 5135
A sweep isn't guaranteed to start labour at all. I had high BP like you and was kept in. Doc did a sweep and I did have spotting and some period pains but nothing ever started on its own. They kept an eye on my BP and then booked me in for induction. I was kept in hospital on a Tuesday for two nights and the following Tuesday they insisted on booking me in for an induction (had been to GP and back to the hospital in between to have BP checked). I managed to get them to hold off on booking me in for another week as I really wanted to go myself but I never did.
psawyer Posts: 121
Hiya I had a sweep on a Friday, it wasn't painful but more uncomfortable iykwim. Anyway had a show on the Saturday and my waters broke on the Tuesday and baba next day. Not sure if it helped but I only went 6 days over so was glad of anything to get things moving!
Glittergal Posts: 1504
Thanks for all your replies. After I posted here yesterday I went to take a shower and noticed my mucus plug had come out. It was like someone had blown their nose in my underwear. I then turned on the shower and while waiting for it to heat up I just lost control of my bladder. Was like I had wet myself. I couldnt stop it thought it was wierd as had just gone to toilet few secs before. I went to hospital but didnt mention that in case it was just me losing control of my bladder. Everything was great in there. Scan showed baby is in perfect position to come out easily. Ctg was good, as was my bp. Still have protein in my urine but doc said as ive had that the whole way through she wouldnt keep me in as everything else was fine. She said because im due on thurs they would not intervene as baby is doing well at moment. Otherwise i could end up needing a section which i dont want. When i came home was on the toilet and it happened again was getting up and felt a gush all of a sudden it only lasted a few secs. H2bs sis rang me and told me to get into hospital as i was having period like cramps aswell all day. She said thats how her labour started with her 2 kids. I wasnt in pain and cramps were only coming every hour or so so i just went to bed. I woke up this morning and feel great no cramps or anything just feel a bit constipated feels like i have to go to the toilet but nothing will come out. Apart from that im fine so dont know what that was all about yesterday must be a kidney infection i had or something.