memorial candles, self made.

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beana Posts: 306
Hi all, am getting married next week and would love to have a memorial candle to remember both myself and h2bs grandparents and his little sister. cant afford to buy anything expensive, have bought few pillar candles is there any way of doing something myself with these candles. have seen jennies candles and they look fab but way too expensive and wedding so close :eek any tips would gratefully be appreciated :thnk :thnk .
Toblerone Posts: 2698
I think it's a great idea to have a memorial candle. I didn't do a memorial candle but I did my wedding candles myself. I got candles cheaply and then went to craft store and got some vellum paper and double sided sticky tape . The vellum i got had words written all over it for weddings but there were many different ones there. You could just get a clear piece and maybe print on whatever text you wanted or write what you wanted on a normal piece of paper stick this to the candle and then place the vellum on top. I just cut the piece of vellum so it would go around the candle and then stuck it on with the tape. I finished it off with some ribbon. V cheap. HTH :wv
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I got a lovely memorial candle for my husbands mam on Ebay for €10. It was simply a clear address label with her name printed in it and a little poem to say we know she is looking down on us on our special day and stuck to the candle in the same colour scheme as everything else with maybe a few paper flowers glued to the candle too.