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itsaboy Posts: 208
Have any of you any feedback on this place? I'm selling my wedding dress and they got in contact with me. Looking for feedback before I go visit them.
bubbles909 Posts: 124
I bought my dress here! Found it really good. Great selection of dresses, and Karl really knows what he is doing. Listened to what I was looking for, and pulled out loads of dresses which I liked, and which looked good on me. I've recommended the shop to a number of people who have gotten engaged.
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
I had my dress there for well over a year and it never sold so I took it back out. Karl was great and seems to have a good eye for knowing what suits etc. Another shop has also been opened in Dublin and the Cork one moved a few doors up to bigger premises so that must surely be a good sign. I think it depends on the make, colour, size and length of the dress you are selling (with a view to having success in selling your dress). I would think that a popular brand name with a current style to it, in a length which hasn't been altered and a size which can easily be adjusted by a dressmaker will sell better than say, a coloured dress (ivory would prob be most people's taste), 2 years old (trends have changed a little?), which was worn by a petite girl (length/width can't be put back on) etc Best of luck :wv
itsaboy Posts: 208
Thanks girls, I know a few people who have had dresses there for over a year and they haven't sold. I'm thinking it's no harm trying it, it's not gonna go anywhere sat in a box under the bed.
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
When you say you were contacted by them, did you have your dress on ebay or something? If so, maybe try to sell it there first and if not, you always have the shop as a back-up plan. I must say I found it was hassle getting the dress in and out of the shop. There is no parking on the quay in Cork unless you have somebody with you who can sit in the car with hazards on. Both times, I parked in the small multi storey car park a little further up the street and I was glad to finally get to the shop. You are minding it getting in and out of the car, down the car park stairs, it's heavy to carry etc. Def bring a friend if you can :wv