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emma1980 Posts: 2219
what is it with men and their inability to deal with day-to-day problems. we got sum bad news from the bank today re mortage..long long story!! anyway, nothings definite until we talk to the 'main man' tomorrow. ud swear the world has ended in my house tonite. h2b is sittin on the sofa not uttering a word, when i ask is he alrite all i get is 'YEAH'. are u sure?? 'i said YEAH. im trying to get the point across that its not the end of the world and that nothing is certain yet, but he is having none of it. and whats worse for no reason at all i feel that its MY fault!! even if we get a definite NO tomorrow, all we've to do is wait another couple of months{more savings etc} I swear to God i cud easily kill him...jesus at the end of the day, we have a roof over our heads, our kids are healthy, no ones dead...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH O:| O:| O:|
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
well mine is the complete opp , i am mr finance in the house and he is 10 years older than me , a right mr peter pan !!!! it wil blow over , hes prob just in a mood missus cause hie ego and normal men i.e your fella believes in being the provider !!!
emma1980 Posts: 2219
oh i know...his ego is dented big time and this whole effort 'i cant even provide for my family' gets on my wick. dont get me wrong, i do feel sorry for him and i love him to bits, but dont sit there ignoring me over it, at least talk about it. its like this wall comes down and NO-ONE is gettin in O:| O:| O:|
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Huggles Posts: 1108
I think the money thing is a man's biggest definer. They define themselves by how well they can provide for their family, in most cases, so your poor h2b probably thinks he's not doing as good a job as he thought. I think it'd be the equivalent of someone telling a mother her kids were brats! Makes no sense to us ladies but the breadwinner instinct still exists. So give him a hug and tell him you think he's great no matter what :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs and try and ignore the moodiness :o0 :wv
Me Julia Posts: 1352
plaza my DH is exactly the same as yours and he is also 10 years older!!
emma1980 Posts: 2219
thanks for the replies girls...he wudnt even ring the bank today. he is soooo bloody stuburn. i mean its prob sumthing simple like clearing a loan etc, but he's having none of it!!! now the estate agent has been on askin what we're doin re the house. im soooo pissed off with him, he's always doin this, buring his head in the ground and regretting it afterwards!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O:| O:| O:|