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Shrub Posts: 956
:wv I posted last week about my sister returning to Italy.Well she left yesterday so i stayed at home. It was a horrible day we were all upset and lonely really. Himself decided to work yesterday(couldnt be avoided apparently), he knew how much i was dreading yesterday and all i got was a couple of texts lastnight O:| He didnt ring or call over, he doesnt understand how i can be so upset at sis leaving and now i feel like he just doesnt care :o( Am i being over sensitive, is it just a man thing? O:| :thnk
Panda Posts: 28
Poor you :o( but let me tell you its totally a mans thing, I know cos i've been there, when I lived in the states and my sis came over to visit a few times, she is my best friend and I would always be devastated when she would leave, the last time she came over after she left I went into my bedroom crying my eyes out, my h2b thought he'd leave me alone for a while cos I like my space when im upset (for a little while till i stop spluttering and blubbing all over the place) well anyway after about half and hour I was wondering why he hadn't come in for a cuddle to cheer me up only to find him sound asleep snoring on the couch!!!! I was so mad but they just dont understand things like that. Hope your feeling better, dont take it personally, men can be really thick sometimes O:|
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
ah hun its not you its bloody men, they really dont live on the same planet as us try not to fret over it
Shrub Posts: 956
Thanks guys, he's never any good around tears and all but i really could have done with him yesterday, just to be there even. I dont know how to explain it to him without me sounding like im losing the plot :o(
survivor Posts: 2507
Yeah Shrub. Its definitely a man thing. I used to have to ask my ex all the time for cuddles when I was upset. After a while he figured out that if I was asking for cuddles then I must be upset about something. Doh!
contented Posts: 2625
Hi Shrub totally agree there, men are thick when it comes to being upset at someone leaving. anytime my sis goes away i get upset but he just looks at me like i've two heads. his brother is in the uk with about 15 years and after being with him 13 years i've only known him to ring his brother once - literally. men just dont have the same "maternal" instinct that we do. they just see it for what it is - your sister is gone off galavanting in italy having a great time and sure wont she be back again in ?6 months and really why are you upset ? :o0 :o0 dont take it personally; they're all gimps
Cookie Monster Posts: 643
Have you ever read men are from Mars? When men are upset about anything they want to be left alone so they can think about it and mull it over. When women are upset they want reassurance and the chance to talk about how they feel in order to feel better. This is why men go away when we are upset because they actually think they are doing a good thing. It's crazy isn't it? My fella used to be the same, any sight of the tears and he'd run off. It used to really upset me. I thought he wasn't going to be able to stick around through the tough stuff if he's gone at the first hurdle. Anyway, I've explained to him that I'm not the same as him and I don't need space when I'm upset, I just need him to support me and listen to me and give me cuddles. When he saw he can actually make me feel better by doing this he is more reluctant to give me space. In saying that he needs to be reminded a lot! Maybe you could speak to your family to get reassurance and some comfort as they will have a better understanding then him.
smilinpolitely Posts: 573
Shrub Posts: 956
Yeah might be worth a read alright. Its just so frustrating, i felt so alone yesterday but of course he wouldnt understand this. Not seeing him this eve, i may say something i regret O:| O:| :thnk :thnk
Shrub Posts: 956