Mens Suit Hire - Ireland or London?

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Flowerpot Posts: 89
For any brides marrying in Ireland but living in London, will you be hiring your suits in London or Ireland. If you are hiring in London, could anyone recommend a company which offers good rates for approx 1 week + hires.
TeresaJ Posts: 12
We're using Moss Bross and we'll be hiring them for about a week, it's pricey but we've got wedding party scattered around the UK so they are the only ones where you can go to different branches. They also had the colours that we wanted.
S2 Posts: 29
Flowerpot, We are also going to hire in London, as most of the men in the bridal party are based here (there is only my Dad to fly over for a fitting). We are thinking of Moss Bross too. I don't think we are going in to have a look until late Sept/early Oct so let me know how you get on, if you go first. S
blushing b2b Posts: 288
We will be hiring in Ireland even though all the wedding party apart from my dad live in the same area in England. We reckon it will be easier this way so we wont have the hassle or responsibility of bringing 6 suits over from england with us and then have to trust someone to bring them all back. I enquired about the best way for fittings in a shop in Ireland where i was told the guys could get measured over here, we give hire shop in Ireland their measurments then 2 days before wedding they try on suits which gives a day in between if they need alterations. On the other hand the guys might use the suit fittings as an excuse to go to Ireland on a boys weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
mrs bwin Posts: 242
Im also in the same boat all our guys are in the UK but we were thinking that if we get them in Ireland it might not give us time to check all the suits fit. But i don't know if we get them in Ireland means that we don't have to carry them all the way over and all the way back.
cornflake Posts: 68
I'm in the same boat - 3 of the 4 main men are here in the UK and the other (my dad) is in Ireland. The men here in England are getting their suits from Austin Reed. They have rental branches all over the UK - H2B went into the store on Regent Street and paid for the three suits which the BM and FIL2B will pick up from the store nearest them (Norwich & Birmingham in our case). My dad is getting his own tux in Ireland - too much hassle to try and make sure we got him measured and ask someone to bring a suit over to him from the UK. We have the design of the tux from here so he just has to make sure he's not wildly different!! I believe that Austin Reed are opening a branch in the Dundrum SC which may do rental but I dunno when that is supposed to happen. Only branch of theirs in Ireland at present is a concession in Arnotts and they don't rent suits. HTH!!
LonBrideMar06 Posts: 20
Going to get the guys measured at Suits You in London then collect them from Suits you in Cork. This way they don't have to bring them on the plane which is less hassle for everyone.