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Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
Hi girls, Looking for plain navy wedding suits on Saturday in Galway. Three piece suits. I was thinking of perhaps buying them and gifting them to the boys if they're not too much more expensive. Any suggestions of where to try? and do you need to make appointments or can you just call in?
galbridezilla Posts: 190
Hi Siobhan We're going to rent suits fromCorless menswear. They are on dominck street, I think. No idea about cost etc yet as our apt isn't for a few weeks, so I can't help ya there. I did ring to make an appointment but it seems like its a lot easier to dress the lads than us brides. The guy I spoke to was lovely. He said he'd put us in the diary, but generally people ring a couple of hours before going in :eek not like the holabaloo we have to go through making apts weeks in advance. He recommended that just the Groom and I attend first to pick what we want, and then the groomsmen can go in whenever suits them to be measured.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
There's a place called Michael Ward's in Ballinasloe that does suits, just by going that little bit outside the city you can save a good bit, not sure how much they are to buy but their rental suits are €30-€60 cheaper than rental suits I've seen in Galway so might be the same for suits to buy. You don't need an appointment as it's just a big "regular" shop, they sell men's and women's clothes. They're on facebook: [url:2iyofkcq][/url:2iyofkcq]